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    Favorite gun?

      MSMC and Scar-H are my personal choices thus far


      I've yet to unlock the scorpion and actually make my own class with it so this could alter my opinion. The MSMC reminds me a lot of the AK74u from black ops. Other SMGs hold an advantage up close, but this gun does the best of any SMGs in mid range gunfights.


      I've only played 2 games with the scar, but 28-9 and 34-10 were pretty solid. I just like the damage the gun does at this point. The M27 and Type 25 just don't drop guys as fast as this gun. After messing around with the An94 in league play, I may end up liking that gun more, but for now in a big fan of the scar.


      What guns do you like this far?