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    My First Impression Good and Bad

      I managed to get a few hours gaming in last night, played Zombies and Multiplayer, I will play the campaign at some point when PSN is down.....


      Looks wise I think its much better than Black Ops, but still not as good as the MW series, I still don't like the "cartoonish" graphics and the colours just arent crisp enough, i kept finding myself shooting at shadows thinking they were people.


      Sound what an improvement on MW3 i can actually hear people again, and my investment in a decent headset seem worth while again, my only complaint about the sound woud be the granades, it just sounds like someone popping a bag. (But this really is a tiny complaint)


      Lag while playing between about 3pm UK and about 10-11pm i had lag but old school elastic band lag, and the odd jump rather than MW3 where i am a second behind someone else. But after 11pm it all went to pot the lag was back and it was worse than MW3, my KD went from around 2 down to 1.3. I am hoping this is just because the whole world was on at that point, the map was lit up all over.


      Game modes, as a Hardcore player this is my biggest complaint - only 4 modes in Hardcore, 3 of which i can play with my clan. I even jumped into a few core games because i was already bored with those game modes.

      CFT is only good when you know the maps so its not a great mode to start off on, S&D just bores me. TDM especially in Hardcore is full of campers, MHO Hardcore modes should be objective based i.e. Dom, HQ etc even Kill Confirmed gives it a different aspect.

      I tried to jump into a couple of league matches but noticed it was all core so jumped out.


      I did play  some ground war which was pretty frantic on some smalller maps but was actually really good fun, would love that mode in HC.


      Spawns are as always a joke, these i asume will be fixed but they need to be fixed quickly, twice i spawn next to a guardian and died, while playing Dom i spawn ontop of someone capturing C and then had the same happen to me as i was capturing. TDM the spawn flip way to easily I tried to rush a few times only to find by the time i had  run the length of the map spawns had already flipped and they were behind me.


      Gun look's good i haven't played with too many so far but from what i have seen all look pretty cool, only thing i have seen which looks over powered in any pistols in HC (not one particular gun) 1 shot kills and you can get them up in a fraction of the time of an SMG or Assult rifle 


      Server issues, I had a few hard resets maybe 3 in 4 hrs play and got kicked from the server maybe 4 times which isn't great even for first day, but by the sounds of it, that was better than alot of people.


      Overall I think Blackops has the potential to be one of the best CODs ever but a few things need to be sorted really quickly


      Game modes

      Server errors

      Hard freeze


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          Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

          Hello andynewns,


          Thanks for the feedback and your impressions of the game! I will pass that along through to the appropriate parties.




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            Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

            I think what you have said is a pretty fair early summary.  My biggest problem is the spawns.  I thought they had some new program that was going to stop all the respawning on top of each other and in front of enemy players.  If it's there it doesn't work!  After MW3 I am kind of used to it, but I hope they can fix/tweak it longer term.


            The game play feels a bit slow to me at the moment but I'm sure I will get used to that, there has always been an adjustment to pace between Treyarch and IW games.


            One thing I am really liking in comparison to MW3 is the chance to avoid death!  Most of the time when you get hit, you get a red marker and a chance to move before its too late.  Thats how it should be for me.


            I like the variety in the pick 10 options, but am a little disappointed that early in the levels you dont have such a great choice.  Maybe that will become better as I progress, there are certainly plenty of attachments to make some pretty mean characters down the line, in theory at least.


            One final comment, after all the talk about Ghost and splitting it up etc.  I dont really see the need for it at all anymore.  UAVs are only up for about ten seconds! 

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                Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                I haven't really had a play with the pick 10 yet, took the first couple of guns and got on ok with them, so I, just really carried on I will have a play in combat training tonight to work the whole system out and see what works for me.


                I liked the speed of the game, Its not as quick as MW but its so much quicker than blops.


                as an extra note its nice to see ATVIAssist on the forum, and commenting hopefully some sensible feedback will get back to 3Arc, not just raging or "This gun is over powered"

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                Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                As far as right now. It's a good looking game. Additions and removals. Other than...


                Matchmaking is screwed up.


                Shooting people and they barely take any damage, yet they can turn on you with the same gun, yet with less attachment and drop you.


                All in all. As of right now, its a good offline game.

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                  Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                  Nice Resume. Too nice in my opinion!


                  I am (still) really disappointed of Black Ops 2! The "cartoonish graphics" are really one of my main problems with the game. Followed by Spawn, Lag - and Perk/Attachment-Behaviour. Finally I´m struggling with weapons performance!

                  My K/D dropped on 0,95 already - in MW3 it was 1.35, in BO 1, 1.15...


                  Let´s talk about the cartoonish graphics:

                  I agree that you shoot on shadows at the wall thinking it´s an enemy...camper...

                  If you are running in DOM, Flag-Positions are displayed always - even if you´re miles away and buildings between you and the Flag! There might be an enemie - you won´t see him - because of the strong coloured Flagmarks! Dead...

                  Contrasts are high to everything everytime. That makes it difficult to recognize enemies and objects!

                  Watching the kill-cam shows often that you can´t even see the one who shot you!


                  Let´s talk about the Perks/Attachments itself:

                  I was used to run&gun - so I´ve used Scavenger, Quick-Draw and Stalker in MW3.

                  This setting is nearly impossible to realize in BO2!

                  I tried adjustable-shaft, slight of hand and Grip instead - it´s still not the same feeling...

                  I am too slow now - against all this people on the floor, in the corners or windows...


                  Weapons performance is the next issue to talk about:

                  Wow, with an Handgun I really can succeed! Fast moving, high damage...

                  With an MP7 or Vector I´ve got the impression that it needs 3 seconds full of hits to kill only one enemy! Ridiculous!

                  Even with an Assault-Rifle it seems to take hours until...


                  I tried BO 1 yesterday again - and it´s been rather the same - with supressed SMG´s!

                  Take an FN-Fal and enemies will be dead after 2 shots in target!


                  My result:

                  I will problably sell my BO2 copy!


                  There seems to be no way to find a setting that fits my style of playing.

                  There seems to be no way to get used to the graphics!

                  There´s no difference in Lag and Spawn compared to MW3!


                  Really dissapointing - even more because I think that they really had some nice ideas!

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                      Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                      MATE,SPAWNING IS A JOKE!


                      and why do i tag 6 or 7 times then get shot with a pistol?


                      im not happy,infact i put black ops 1 back on last night,which was much more fun!

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                        Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                        I said to one guy in our clan who had the same impression as you, to give it a little time.


                        I actually agree with you the game should be ready pre release and should have the same level of pre testing, as battlefield for example. There is no excuse for the server problems as activision pretty much knew how many people would be online due to the fact nearly everyone pre ordered.


                        Spawns are always terrible in the cod series to start with ( no idea why ) surely this is the easiest thing to test.


                        I didn't buy MOH knowing I would be playing cod but if the main issues aren't fixed I will switch as will my clan, some members are already refusing to play until there are more game modes...


                        I really think it has potential, and like I said while playing during uk day time the lag was fantastic, as good as mw2, it's just a shame it went to pot later in the day.


                        I am guessing there is not a lot that can be done for the graphics, but it's something I could get used too.

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                          Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                          This game is the best COD game to date..  Just my opinion.   

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                              Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                              So last night was a bit of a flop couldn't get into any matches, finally got a party going on zombies and got kicked from the game at level 14 very annoying.


                              On the plus side when we finally got onto online services we played some private sticks and stones and gun games with a full lobby of 18 clan members, got to know the maps and the guns a bit more.



                              Starting to get a bit frustrated now that some people can get online others can't me being one if them, if I do I get kicked half way though the game.

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                            Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                            It was all good for me for the first few days. Then Lag Compensation owned me big time.


                            Today, while playing Nuketown 2025. I kept on spawning infront of a Guardian over and over again. Getting killed immediately after that.


                            It's going downhill. I'm staying only for the Zombies now.

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                              Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

                              After i got the game to load and play


                              So far  i like it better than MW3, the graphics are good, maybe just a little under MW3 but 10 stories above  the orginal black ops,


                              The game sounds do not work well if i am listing to them thru my home theater system, the voices are hard to hear, but i havent tried changing any of the settings yet,  Sounds and voices do project well if i am using my sony headset


                              I do like the option of being able to select my online game search parameters, i keep mine set to the best connection option, which does take longer to find a game but reduces the lag problems, when playing solo, .....lag does become an issue if i am a party leader, but not as bad as MW3


                              I am glad to see hardcore being hardcore meaning if you shoot your teammate they die, ,,this makes you more careful before pulling the trigger or throwing that grenade


                              I do hope in the future Kill Confirmed will be added to the Hardcore playlist

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