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    What is going on?? 2.6 kd to a 1.2 kd

      In every call of duty since modern warfare two, my KD ratio has hovered around 2.6


      In black ops 2 i have a 1.24 kd. I dont get it. No matter what playstyle i choose, wether it be playing extremely defensive, aggressive, or little bit of both, i cant get any good game. this is driving me crazy. i have put the game away for now, it is way too frustrating to play at this point.


      And as a side note, shotguns are unbearably bad.. please for the love of god reduce the crosshairs, and make it so moving around doesnt affect the crosshair spread. shotguns are traditionally rushing weapons right? the most effective way to use them right now is to crouch walk and wait for enemies to come around corners. which is not fun. please do something about this.