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    Black Ops Server Corrupted

      Got the game at midnight release, played a couple of hours and had taken the day off, so I put in a good 14 hours of game time when all of a sudden, I got knocked offline. When I was finally able to connect again, I was prompted to restart my xbox because my playlist data was older than the host's. I did so and when I tried to connect, I was given an error that my player data was corrupted on their server and had been restored to most recent backup: level 1.


      I lost 32 levels and all of my unlocks. When I tried to call in to customer support, I got a message that due to the high number of calls, they had closed the call center early. I got on Activision's chat support and after waiting hours, got a rep who told me I had 2 options:


      1. Keep playing like it never happened and hope it didn't happen again.

      2. He could escalate it, but I couldn't play the game until I had received a response.


      It's been over 24 hours, I still don't have my stuff back, haven't received a response, their call center just rings busy and I've been waiting on chat support for 3 hours with an estimated 6 hours to go.


      Plenty of other issues with game freezing while trying to connect, while editing player card, etc. This game is broken and poorly supported across all platforms. Check out the twitter and reddit links full of people trying to get answers.

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