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    Hopefully Wiiu version will be better than PS3

      I have the PS3 version of ops 2 and that version is littered with problems, bad major problems. From little stuff like blurry textures to major issues with the game causing the system to auto shut off and freeze. I am getting the Wiiu version of ops 2 as well on Sunday and I really hope it is in not as bad of shape as the PS3 version is right now. I understand the game just came out and they need to do patching but it is unacceptable how bad it is in camparison to the clean 360/PC versions.


      What I'm saying is, in the past with support it was always Microsoft(360) > Sony(PS3) > Nintendo(Wii). I just hope the wiiu version doesn't have the same problems as the PS3 version does, if so be prepared for some frusteration

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          Sounds like you're one of the lucky ones. At least you can get online :p

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            Wow, that sure is a lot of hate. I just asked him a question on reddit. He's doing an AMA with a dude from a7x. Probably wont answer but worth a shot.


            I don't understand why he responds to idiots on twitter with complaints and stupid questions but he can't answer crap about the WiiU community.

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              Xbox has just as much problems and complaints as PS3. They have freezes and glitches, not to mention people are already whining about guns being OP such as the MP7. Seriously? The game's been out for less than 3 days and you're already demanding nerfs?


              Typical attitude of a CoD player:


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                After alot of WTF moments, I'm starting to get in line with all of the whiners...lmao


                The game just seems "off".  I can't explain it.  It takes an entire clip (smg, assault rifle, etc...) to kill someone (range is not the issue).  Even sometimes in combat training when I am playing against bots (local).  If you run into more than one guy, forget about it..you will be caught in a reload and then dead.  The buddy system is a good idea...be safe out there. 


                The spawns are pretty funny actually.  I've spawned killed so many guys.  I'm running around and poof, a guy just spawns there...I kill him and I feel sorta bad...ok, not really...lol....  But it does seem like I'm always getting shot in the back.  I think that's because there are SOOOO many paths in the maps...


                Old school sniping is officially dead.  There aren't alot of clear lines of sight on these maps.   You can go high (in a building window, etc...), but even then you don't get alot of cover and claymore's and betties are unlocked very late.   And there are always multiple paths to your lookout.


                Quickscoping seems to be the new way to use a sniper rifle.  Maybe if you have a team to watch your back, sniping will be fun...but lone wolf is going to be tough with constant UAV's and no ghost.   I'm a below average quickscoper, and you should see some of my kills...I look sooooo l3gitsnIp3rz-ish. 


                Vahn was quoted as saying on a livestream to someone who hardscoped him " Hardscoping?  Get good!".  That kind of tells you the attitude towards traditional sniping.


                Hopefully, these issues will be fixed and we will get as much attention as the other consoles.  But I'm just perplexed by this particular version.  It's really hard to find "your groove" if you know what I mean.  Probably just takes time.   But it may just be that this game is really suited to having a team (watch each others back) instead of playing lone wolf.  Maybe FFA is better for lone wolf now?

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                    I've heard it's lag/ lag compensation that's messing everyone up.


                    I had a feeling proper sniping would be almost nonexistant in this game...but I'm not too sad since I wasn't the greatest sniper in past CoDs anyway


                    The "team-suited" gamestyle might be on purpose to encourage objective play, teamwork, etc.

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                        Yes canuck, somthing is off...even the really good players are noting it.  It took maccabi a LONG time to convice IW they had a problem with their matchmaking system (which they did).  I just hope (if there is a problem), the devs actually listen.  The devs like to say things like:


                        "Its all in your head"


                        Remember JD2020?.  Yea, that was him.


                        I think it is team suited.  All the public matches on TDM now have guys defending one position and each other.  With all the UAV's up, it's the only way to survive...lol


                        So get your clan on!

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                      Wow.  Looks like PS3 has it bad.  No wonder they bash him (Vohnderhaar or however you spell it).  Xbox seems to have fewer issues.  I said it before and I'll say it again.  I expect this game to have major issues at lauch.  New system, new network, and new game = issues.  I just hope they patch this one better than they did the Wii versions.  If it's jacked up, try to play nice.  They (3arch) respond better to that.  Just list the complaints in a nice, professional matter and hope for the best. 

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                          They won't. Every version of the game gets SCREWED OVER BY ALL MIGHTY ACTIVISION until a few months after launch. They have to take care of Microsoft first, since they're the ones paying $$ to have DLC on their console first. Why do people buy DLC? Because they like the game. Why do they like the game? Because it works. Since DLC is released on Xbox first, its obvious they want to fix the glitches there as fast as possible. It makes sense when you don't think about it.