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    Can't seem to find a match.

      Everytime I try to play any sort of multiplayer game on black ops, I can always set it up and start looking and it looks like it finds some good games but never joins any of them. I had a moderate NAT type and switched it to Open but it didn't work before on moderate either. I can join people's session in progress and play just fine. I saw something about deleting the title update but that didn't do anything. My search prefrences are also at any. I went to play other games like mw3, black ops and even battefield 3 and halo and i could find a game with ease. Is anybody else having this problem? I need answers ASAP!

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          Re: Can't seem to find a match.

          I also have a problem. My nat is open and yet im waiting hours to find a game. My brother uses Ps3 and he have no problem finiding a game. So I think there is problem with the xbox


          Can you please tell me how you set your search preverence. i have no idea how to do that.



          Good luck and enjoy the game

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            Re: Can't seem to find a match.

            Same here, seems like the game has many issues that have to be fixed.

            Set my NAT to open, too but the game doesn't seem to get me into any multiplayer matches (zombies or standard multiplayer). Also tried to join matches in former CoDs and it worked, so my internet connection cannot be the reason why it doesn't seem to work. When playing with my friends I can join every single lobby...

            For me it test for example 41/50 matches, wants to join and then it just stops to go on and starts with the search over again. Hope this won't be a permanent problem with BO2!!

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              Re: Can't seem to find a match.

              I've been able to join multiplayer matches but I can't join zombie games period. I've changed everything in my search preferences.. Reset my router/xbox and nothing has fixed this. Checking my connection and it has no interruption or network interference so this is not a local issue.










              There is nothing wrong with my internet. Please fix this soon I really enjoy the new zombies map. :/

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                Re: Can't seem to find a match.

                I've got the exact same problem as you,I tweeted Vonderhaar and Treyarch but didn't get any answer. Don't know why they can't get it right like in Bops1.

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                  Re: Can't seem to find a match.

                  Its a major issue at the moment, im sure it will be sorted by this time next year

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