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        This is the same response I always see.  I don't get kicked nor do my friends get kicked because we are mindlessly spraying or throwing frags like morons.  We get kicked for accidents.  Accidents are not due to lack of skill or attention to those around you, they happen because you can't always anticipate what a team mate will do.  You also can't account for, as I already stated above, sentry guns and sam turrets screwing up and killing your mates.

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          If you can't get through a match without avoiding 3 TKs, you shouldn't be playing Hardcore, plain and simple.


          Played thousands of HC matches in BO, got kicked maybe a handful of times, usually because I was just careless, other times just had a string of bad luck.


          3 Kills and out is the rule in Hard Core. You need to communicate effectively with your team and be aware of their location and your surroundings. If you are playing with a full team and this is happening... you are doing it wrong.

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            true, a team will talk and not lob a grenade and "accidently" kill a team member. sure it can hit the door frame or window frame and not go outside and kill the people in the room... but my team would laugh at a something like that. but like nice said if happens a lot for you than you are not checking your target. toss explosives down a hall and blow it up before you com check your team and make sure it is clear.

            Also if you talk about where you are and move in groups of 2 or 3 (cover when the others move till your turn to move) then you will know what your team is going to do so you dont have the accidents.

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              "Also if you talk about where you are and move in groups of 2 or 3 (cover when the others move till your turn to move) then you will know what your team is going to do so you dont have the accidents."


              Really? And the first methed up headless chicken that runs up behind you will take out your whole squad.

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                I really like that idea for some reason. After three team kills, you, and only you, are automatically reverted to ricochet mode.


                See if you can get that to someone with authority. It does solve a lot of problems, AND appeases both sides of the argument.

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                  I always appreciate the seething arrogance, as if every time someone is kicked it's because they aren't "good enough" for hardcore.  If we could all just be as amazing as you!  Come down off your high horse to stand on the ground of reality.  I got kicked in the first Black Ops for sentry guns and sam turrets killing team mates.  I guess that makes me a newb!


                  I actually played 10 games last night of hardcore and never got kicked.  But my buddy did.  Why?  Cuz team mates ran into his kill streak as it was dropping.  Not his fault, not really their fault.  This kind of thing happens.  But kicking someone should be reserved for people who deserve it, not for people who make mistakes or have team mates that make mistakes.

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                    I didn't say anything about not being "good enough" for Hardcore. My point was pretty simple. If you are getting team kills in HC, you or your teammates are not being aware enough.


                    It happens, we all run up on a teammate and fire by accident. We all get the gamertag glitch where the name doesn't show up over a wall or through an obstacle. We all throw the occasional bad grenade that gets a teammate or take a teammate down while shooting an enemy.


                    If you communicate clearly to your team, you will see this happen a lot less. Tell where you are dropping killstreaks. Keep an eye on your start menu map to see where teammates are. Call out every death. I understand it is difficult when playing with randoms who don't always cooperate, but you can still control your actions. Wait to drop the strike until everyone is on one side of the map. Let everyone know where you are placing your sentry so they won't run into it. It definitely helps. Have played with friends every night since this game came out and not one of us has been kicked yet.


                    I just don't think a vote mechanic is needed. Awareness and communication trumps all. If you get in a room with randoms who don't want to, back out from that lobby and try again. I have been on plenty of random teams willing to work together, and most who forgive team kills if you simply say "sorry".


                    No arrogance, I don't know where you got that from, just stating the facts that you need to be more aware in a HC environment.

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                      No one is forcing you to play Core OP, the kicking system is perfect as it is. The only way you should get kicked is if you call in a scorestreak in a stupid place. Pay attention, count your TKs, and adjust your game. Ricochet is not coming back, and thats a great thing. The playlists suck as of now, but in the limited time I have played HC, I have yet to be kicked.

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                        If it happens THREE times in one match then there is more going on than an accident. As you say you play on a team and therfor communication shouldn't be an issue. I would much rather have the 3 TK rule and out than ricochet. I cannot tell you the amount of times an idiot has either ran straight under one of my killstreaks, shoot MY claymore while standing in front of it, taken my care package, and just been a general douche. I'm not kidding, I have had a guy shoot my claymore I placed while I put out a care package to steal the care package for himself. Guess what I could do? NOTHING.

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                          Agreed.  While I feel his frustration of either him or a friend being kicked in the middle of a good game, 3 team kills don't (or shouldn't) happen all that often.  I haven't played all that much yet (probably around 8 hours of game time) and I've been kicked exactly once....when I used a lightening strike to kill the opposing team flag carrier and despite me calling it out had three teammates run into the strike zone.


                          On BO when a member of our party would get kicked they would just go to HC FFA and play that until the game was over and the party could pick them back up. 

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