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    MW3 or BOPS 2


      well what do you think is better?


      the guns, weppons , graphics , Servers : ) , scorestreak system , you name it , let's compare them and see who is better


      Note: only mutliplayer mode , no campain and no zompiez

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          Black Ops 2


          Why? No Last/Final Stand.

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            Black ops 2 in every way.


            Guns are more balanced.


            Graphics are good in both.


            Servers even though the black ops 2 servers are down they're still better than MW3's piece of sh servers.


            Scorestreak, I like how Treyarch have implemented the "Team players get full points" scorestreaks, I mean in Kill confirmed you have to pick up your tags to get full points. now people dont just killwhore leaving tags about.

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              BLACK OPS 2 by a mile. Namely because the guns feel 'individual' and so much more powerful, the customization on create a class is now awesome, the maps are far superior.


              MW3 was a good game, but it felt just too stale and old, like it was MW2 with a new skin (even the maps you could see the resemblence to MW2 imo!)


              On the other hand, black ops 2 seems to be fresh and new, and when mine lets me play online again, i think im going to spend a very long time on this game. Absolutely love it, but i dont love its servers!


              Also, i didnt think i would but i am really enjoying the futuristic setting of Black Ops 2!

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                I like the guns in mw3 , you can feel the power in your hand specially the ACR it is powerful and easy to kill with it


                in black ops 2 , the sound of guns are not too much but the explosion of cars is powerful indeed

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                  Blops2 no ifs ands or buts.

                       I like everything they implemented. Im having a blast and see myself working well with other more than in MW3. Sounds are incredible and the new create class point system is awesome.

                       They may have a big hurdle to jump with online things right now but when the things are fixed we will be more than pleased

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                    mw 3 !!

                    it's better in everything !!

                    the graphics /weapons /the killstreaks/ the maps/and the sound /

                    andworst of all  you got hardcore domination in black ops 2 !!!

                    if there where zombies in mw3 man it's was the best game thats ever made !

                    so for MW 3 is already the best game of cod ! (;

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                      Neither! Don't support this franchise !

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                        MW3. feels more realistic in every way.

                        Black ops 2 feels like war in fantasyland, the sound of the weapons is crap, the killstreaks are crap.

                        The serverconnection is.......what connection there is no connection

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                          Delete this stupid post mods. All its here for is to call contrversy. Black ops 2 is amazing. Mw series has always been trash.Skilless.Repetive.Trash

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                              everyone is going to say blops 2 because everyone who played mw3 was pretty terrible. Blops 2 eliminated the skill gap. If you had a k/d ratio of 3 in MW3 chances are it's closer to 1.5 in blops2. Don't get me wrong mine's still over 2, not as high as in mw3 but still fine with me, but it's still obvious this game is trying to level the ground so the majority of players can feel special when they used to feel shitty.


                              edit: sorry on a different note I do like how this game looks and sounds. I particularly like the appearence of the pistols.