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    Can we all coordinate our efforts and post appropriately and intelligently?

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      Hello to all my Brothers and Sisters of the PS3 community.


      It is clear to many (and should be to most by now), that there are severe issues with the launch of BO2, and some pertaining specifically to the PS3:


      - Codes Not working

      - Auto PS3 shutdowns

      - Auto PS3 freezes/lockups

      - MP issues: full lobbies never starting, lag, games dropped (resulting in probations)

      - etc...


      The forum is getting completely cluttered with people starting new threads for the same problems. Can everyone look at the featured threads and reply to those if you are experiencing those issues (and just saying "same here" provides no useful input).  If your issue is not featured, please do a search and add your constructive comments to those threads, providing information on what you saw and how you saw it.


      This way, if you have anything else to post (like your beastly games, comments on the game, etc...) they will not get lost into the never ending sea of repeated posts.


      We all have something to share; let's do it in a coordinated fashion so we can highlight all relevant issues, and nothing gets lost.


      Warmest Regards...