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        90. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

        Oh my God, this why these games have been terrible?


        I have always been good at CoD since 4, been getting K/Ds over 2.00 for 4 years, and MW3 comes out and I'm terrible at it.  This game comes out and it's the same thing.  Now I know what it is.  I did notice that people always kill me before I kill them even though my reaction time is impecable.  My connection is great and I guess this is what it is.


        **** you Treyarch TAKE OUT LAG COMP

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          91. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

          how do u link from pingtest.net?

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            92. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

            woody7906 wrote:


            Take it easy. I would not be so fast to blame Treyarch for lag. there are way too mnay factors to be taken into consideration here...such as:


            1. # of players playing right now.


            2. what the current state of the internet is in regards to routes. (BGP, etc) Just because you had low latency yesterday does not mean you will today. BGP9Border Gateway Protocol) and others on the upstream routers decide which routes packets take to reach their destination. There is always more then one route from point A to Point B to ensure the internet does not havve a central point of failure. Perhaps today Route A (which has lower latency) is not being used because Router A has more traffic load on it then Router B or C...there are way too mnay factors here folks.


            3. I personally think Lag Compensation is a myth. I have yet to see any evidence that lag compensation exists. Every example i have seen of lag compensation just looks like plain on lag to me that i have seen as far back as Half-Life, CounterStrike, etc. Simply put its just lag.


            the reason it seems you die in 1 shot, or your always behind everyone else a second or two is just plain old lag.


            4. Latency is the signle most important thing. disregard Pingtest, speedtest, that stuff. what matters is the latency between the host Xbox and you. This can change on a game by game basis. i am not sure how Treyarch or IW pick which console should be host, but i will say its extremly hard if not impossible to pick the best host for everyone. there are just too many network variables to account for. Spikes in latency happen all the time on the Internet. it is what it is.


            i guess what i am saying is just relax and enjoy the game...be thankful you cna play, there are many places in the world playing this kinda stuff is not possible...we are so lucky...don't take it for granted


            everything will work out just fine.


            Wow, really?


            The issue we’re discussing does not have anything to do with the internet, backbones, hops etc… We all know pings, network traffic, hell - all the networking variables used in an FPS online change and fluctuate constantly. This is not the issue. The issue is how the game handles these fluctuations and the disparities in ping times for players. It’s been an issue for the last 3 years and we’ve been begging for a resolution.



            To pick a host because he has a great, fast connection and then limit his game speed, visuals and response times is redundant. It makes being the host an absolute nightmare. There are some games I’m a full 300 milliseconds behind everyone else, especially if there are people from other countries in my game. Most of the time I spawn, walk 2 feet and die, never seeing the enemy. On the kill cam he’s standing right where I spawned. This isn’t fun. I didn’t have an opportunity to defend myself.  – rinse and repeat, this is the frustration everyone who has a fast connection is experiencing…



            Because of how the COD lag compensation works, your green bar, fast connection is no better than the yellow barred, high ping player in that match. In fact, he’s seeing everything in real time, you’re not!



            If there is only one player in a match with 2 yellow bars and every other single person in the match has a faster ping than he has, they are capped to his speed. The bigger difference in your ping and his, the bigger the delay in your visuals, thus the window for reaction time becomes increasingly smaller and smaller.



            I understand it’s all about the money and Activation wants every little nickel and dime they can get but geeze, can’t you come up with a solution that makes everyone happy? Right now the odds are against the people in the highest populated geo locations with the fastest, best quality internet.  It doesn’t make sense to run us off by ruining our experience as we’re the ones hosting your games.


            At a minimum you could clamp the amount of compensation being applied. Currently it’s absurd. And when DLC get’s released this is only going to get worse.


            I’m here to help, feel free to contact me, send me a dev box, record all my interactions with the game- whatever it takes, I’m down.


            As for the people suggesting to check the matchmaking preferences, I’ve tried all configurations and while playing solo the “Best” type works better than the others however, I can tell that this is only taking my ping to the host into consideration. Even if that connection is great it gets derailed by the other yellow 2 barred players. These setting don’t help much and are completely useless when in a party.

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              93. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

              Release night was fun for me, the connection was good and it was a very good experience. Now, not so much for me. I'm hoping all my out of sync/lag/behind people issues is just the first week jitters.


              I like the maps, I'm just not to keen on the massive amount of head glitching opportunities. At this point the game may be better known as "Head-Glitch Ops".


              Other than that I'm very pleased, and love the game. Just really hope the connection stuff gets better on my end so I can kill people heh. =)

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                94. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                i have qos too can you post any positive improvements

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                  95. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                  my goodness.


                  Here I thought Black Ops II would do things right but it's just like MW3 where I am getting so much lag compensation I get a ton of hit makrers and no kills or if I see a guy I'm dead before I even can fire back (and I was already ADS).


                  The same effects I was feeling in MW3 are back and it maks the game unplayable. Black Ops didn't have this issue, what did they do with Black Ops II to make it so much worse? Changng the connetion to 'best' does nothing. I still see yellow bar connections too :/


                  I understand the game is new and hope Treyarch releases a patch or soemthing to fix it. I really was looking forward to this game.

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                    96. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                    I throttled down to 400 kb/s and noticed a pretty big improvement.  Just look for quality of service (QoS) settings in your router's options, they're usually under the gaming or advanced sections.  Hopefully I didn't just get lucky and the better games continue.  We played for about 2 hours.

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                      97. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                      Same thing happens to me but my connections not that great.
                      I went from a 4.5+ k/d in MW3 to feeling like a complete noob in this game.
                      I feel like every person I'm playing against is a pro and that they all have an advantage due to connection.  I put the game up today, may try again in a week or two and see if the problem remains.  At this point it is not even fun to play and sadly all my friends that I play with have already sold their copies or returned to MW3 due to this problem.   I like the game, like the classes and guns, but as of now it is unplayable.  Hope it gets fixed.

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                        98. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                        thx for info will try some settings posts like these are most helpful

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                          99. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                          wonder when they will patch this lag compensation?

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