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        40. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

        LOLL??????? Is this what rubbish the Treyarch devs had said to defend the broken lag comp?


        I'm shooting a guy in the chest, no hitmarkers, the player fires back, I die instantly.


        I spawn, someone is behind me, dead again. Great spawns.


        I leave game.


        You have been banned for 5 mintutes.


        Black Ops 2: LAG OR BANNED!

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          41. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

          The game is not broke at all. They said may times before the relase that we would see a death of "slayers" or people who can run and gun around and rack up kills. Its more one on one gun vs gun balance, and I for one love. You can no longer just run around sprawing through people. Accuracy comes into play big time as well as finding cover afer a kill and taking your time to ensure your not the next one. Im usually a 2-3 ratio player on average and am finding myself about a 1-2 now. But im fine with this because Im noticing not many other players on an average basis are much over 2 themselves. Im finding ways to improve this, paying more attention o gun stats and how to manipulate my loadout to perform at its peak and Im on the come up. One thign I can say is so far I havent got a killed or been killed and thought "hey that was just crazy." Pretty much every kill or death has been earned. My advice to all who find this a problem, slow your game down and use more strategy then previous CoD titles because you need it. And just a tip, so far the SWAT with select fire and the grip seems to be getting me in constant 2-3 ratios. But hey just my views on it.

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            42. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

            Is anyone else besides me wondering - that if everyone sports a 1.0+ kdr ... where are the <1.0 kdr people? Doesn't every kill = a death somewhere else. Aside from the suicides. Seems like you're all heavy lifters. Ha - can you point me to the CoD Gym you puney punks!

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              43. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

              The group I have played COD with from MW1 thru MW3 and BOPS1 all got on last night to play BOPS2. Now I am the normally the low player in our group, but last night was a disaster. Even our best player who runs a normal KD of 20/5 was getting spanked from nowhere. We played for 5 hours and it got better then worse. Lag was a huge issue as was getting randomly booted from the game when it launched into a session. Sniping was a joke on most maps, you could get a ton of hit markers on people and they would not die, terrain would randomly dissapper. And then we ran in to more than a few hackers. The one that stood out most was a guy with a crossbow that stood in his spawn and killed people across the map he had no LOS on. Now I expect to run into that on PC, but we were on Xbox. It looks like the game companies are starting a trend of putting out games without a good look from quality control, a lot of this might have been found if they had done a good open beta instead of just internal testing.

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                44. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                I really hope they fix this issue as fast as they can. As it is now, the game is unplayable for me. Like others I've held a 2.00+ K/D in all previous COD's. I find it strange that I could have a higher K/D in Halo 4 than I do in Black Ops 2. I really want to love this game, but at it's current state it's making it really hard.

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                  45. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                  Some of my enemies will take 1 burst of SWAT dead center on the chest and all I get is a hitmarker. Whatever the problem is, it's not fun and putting the good killstreaks up so high makes the game a bit boring.

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                    46. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                    there is something very off for half of us,seems half have a normla game,the other half cannot kill anyone with entire clips yet we get picked off with 1 or 2 bullets its really annoying and widespread,every lobby i've been had same issues,also everytime u shoot someone always someone right behind you,chances off that are very slim,there is a massive issue needs fixed or gonna lose some black ops fabns..,always done well on these ga,mes but this is nuts..guns are doing consistent damage either..

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                      47. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                      i've noticed this issue too, no matter what gun i use i dump a clip into somebody and they don't drop, no hit markers either. spraying ememies with a LSAT that has 300 rounds and barely hits on the ememy.

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                        48. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                        I feel you man, I think the big issue is how over powered the SMG guns are, Assualt rifles which is what i like to use are useless in my opinion. Everyone uses the MP7 which dominates all aspects of the game. You can kill someone across map with a SMG and have to 3 hit people with a sniper to kill them. Hopefully they are just bugs that are fixed. I had 2.5+ k/d on every other COD and i have to honestly not move to maintain a steady 1.8 k/d in this game.

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                          49. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                          I feel the same as everyone there is something really wrong. I hope treyarch reads these forums and fixes the issues. I'm a huge fan of the franchise but this game is turning me off to it. My k/d is the worst that it has ever been in COD and I simply cant seem to get much over 1.0 now, its ridiculous.

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