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        80. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

        First of all, let's look at this from a networking perspective:


        Lag compensation is a MUST because you need to synchronize data interaction between clients and the servers they pass through.


        Usually during the start of the match (or even in the lobby), the most viable player with the bandwidth, ping, jitter, etc to ALL players in the lobby is picked. If you're not picked, it's because you do not have the best connection to the rest of the room. Period. If you enter a game in progress and you have the most viable connection option, then you'll be passed host after migration. Hosts that dashboard completely drop sessions, while hosts that leave or under certain circumstances have their internet compromised are now re-migrating hosting designation.


        Xbox's data transmission cap is 256 kbps. Meaning, if you're internet speed is over 256 kbps, then you don't have a thing to worry about bandwidth wise. What you should be worried about is ping in milliseconds to the rest of the players, and whether your ISP can provide.


        Now, let's use my internet connection as an example:





        Now, let's use my internet ping test out to San Francisco (about 2000mi):




        As you can see, my ping test out to SF is pretty decent for online gaming. My Jitter is perfect, meaning that in most cases, I'm going to be passed host for gaming because as host material, my connection is super optimal.

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          81. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

          Speed test out to SF (I forgot this):

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            82. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

            did mw1 or mw2 need tweaking ?

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              83. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

              The game is tuned to System link, not Online.... 5ping to 70ping (average) isnt much but its also alot...

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                84. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                ok for treyarch (if your reading which is doubtfull) but for constructive critisim i find i suffer more lag when im in a party and more to the point in a bigger party ..basically :


                play on my own and its a lottery ... some good... some average ... some bad games..


                add 1 or 2 players and it becomes harder to kill but i get instakilled easier...


                add 3 players and up and you may aswell wave a red flag and fire your gun in the air like a **** !!!


                what is so difficult about going back to the COD4,WaW,MW2 days because that worked and nobody complained about LAG.. not to this point anyway.. btw im a PS3 player living in the uk with this ( http://speedtest.net/result/2307116548.png connection )but thought i would see how bad things are in the XBOX section..


                maybe just play Zombies until christmas or when Respawn decide to release there challenge to Call Of Duty and fingers crossed they wont have Lag Compensation because this has totally ruined COD for the majority of fast internet players... in a world where our internets are all getting faster ..

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                  85. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                  Does throttling your connection help?

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                    86. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                    haven't tried the matchmaking thing. i'll give it a shot bc i want this game to be playable.


                    that being said, halo 4 is way more fun since it actually feels like a fair and balanced battle every single match. why can't you put out a game with this kind of quality?


                    i'll check back in a few weeks to see if they patched it

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                      87. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                      I can put some nice big medical terms on here, but I am still not a DR. Putting nice fancy technical terms for how the Internet and online gaming works, doesn't make you a network engineer.


                      First, rarely does the backbone change routing tables daily.  It only offloads traffic when serious issues start cropping up, usually in the form of lost packets. If you have route a today, you most likely will have it tomorrow. ISP's are even more certain to have the same routing path throughout their network. More important, the "routers" are not routers in the way you talk about them.


                      Second, There was about half a million online players yesterday, nothing a proper backend cannot handle, since the actual traffic is so little.


                      As for lag comp, if you haven't seen it, its because you never bothered to look. There are hundreds of youtube videos. Every gaming dev can tell you they build it into their game.


                      As for pingtest, actually, you are wrong. It is a very good indicator to what your ping, (latency) since they are the same thing for this argument, is to any specific region.


                      Its not simply put as you said. Its not "just lag". I wonder if you know how many milliseconds are in a second. There are 1000 milliseconds in a second. There is NO WAY someone should be a second behind in play, when they are matched up in lobbies that state its under 50ms. Even when you factor in any host chosen, adding another 50ms in delay, lets say, you are now 100ms behind the host. That is a 1/10th of a second, a human would barely register that. Just over the fiber backend alone, if I was 1000 km's away, from the top level in Canada to a top level in the US, the travel time of the data packet alone one way is just about 5ms.


                      I have long suspected the real issue here is the p2p protocol that is used. Many ISP's slow and de-prioritize p2p traffic. This is not something that can be tested for in a game lobby during the host selection process. So the chosen host could be the best for the entire group, but, if the ISP slows down p2p traffic, engages in traffic shaping, deep packet inspection etc, this can quickly slow it down, into the seconds range. Add in people with all in one network gateways from their ISP, that is not configured correctly, and they pull host, add more time. Just ask any of the World of Warcraft players from Rogers Communications in Canada about how bad p2p interference from the ISP level can effect a game. At some points, 25 man raids were all dying because one player on Rogers in Canada fell two seconds behind, and never had the ability to respond, in a game that requires near instant response.


                      There really is not too many factors as you stated. Its actually rather simple, and with basic math, easy to understand. Any network engineer with the behind the scenes access to the logs could quickly figure it out. The backbone of the Internet world changes very little. Why they haven't figured out the real issue, in MW3 for example, I do not know, as I don't have access to those logs.


                      By the way, I use VOIP for all my telephone needs, I call my parents in Mexico, from Canada often. We are talking at least 4000KM's in distance of wire to reach them, and even with that, the round trip is less than 100MS. A 1/10th of a second, something I have to struggle for to hear on the phone. So please, get a better understanding of how the backbone of the internet works, and how fast the speed of light is, minus the index of refraction value.

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                        88. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                        For the first time in about 6 years I didn't bother to pre order the latest COD due to the infuriating lag comp issues that seem to be getting worse and worse. I'm honestly sorry to hear people are being screwed yet again. If and when they tune the game to make it playable and fun I might consider picking up a copy.


                        On the flip side, I can't believe I've actually gone back to Halo. 343 did an phenominal job with Halo 4 and almost every game I get into is competitive and runs amazingly well on large, complex maps. For the first time in a couple years I'm playing with a party of a few buddies and it's actually enjoyable instead of frustrating. Once you get used to it again, it's honestly a breath of fresh air compared to the lag comped, SMG spray fest on tiny maps that COD has evolved into. Just a heads up for those of you who can't stand the way COD plays anymore...


                        I hope for everybodys sake they manage to sort this out before the game becomes practically obsolete (again).

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                          89. Re: Lag Compensation Is Back Again & This Time It Means Business.

                          I just don't know what to do right now, Im gonna check mw3 again just to see how the lag comp is on that game.

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