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    Treyarch hates pc gamers!

      Do you guys still remember it? Black Ops 1.
      If someone asks me to describes Black Ops 1, I would say: lag lag lag lag lag.

      Well let's get over Black Ops 1 now, because Treyarch messed that game up for the pc.


      Black ops 2 for pc: CANT EVEN FREAKIN' START THE GAME.
      I see lots of pc gamers have this problem where the game crashes in the menu for mp, zombies and sp.
      So my question to Treyarch: Do you guys even test your games for the consoles besides your lovely Xbox 360.
      SOOO buggy, every game of yours wtf man.

      I've payed 50 euros for this freaking game to play it on the release date, and i still haven't played the damn game!


      jesus christ i'm getting sick of this behaviour of Treyarch.
      Even Infinity Ward did a better job on the pc version, i mean im talking about Infinity Ward, the company that never patch their game.


      Fix your game Treyarch, i'm sick of this

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          and if i notice hackers, i will immediatly go back to the game store and force them to give my money back

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            Absolutely same over here man.


            I say HANG THEM!

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              I never played Black ops 1 before

              and I got a question did black ops 1 also had problems like black ops 2?

              cause it seems like everything which suppose to "fix" the error problem at the launch isnt working so ye....

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                  First week of black ops 1: Huuuuuuuuggge lag, couldn't even play normal. After the first patch the game still wasn't playable in my opinion. Black ops 1 system requirements say my pc can run it on high graphics, but i had to run the game in 800x600 with 0x anti-aliasing texture quality on low and still the game was lagging. **** game right?


                  Now Black Ops 2: pure ****! With Black Ops 1 in the first week i could atleast play zombies or sp till the first patch came out. With Black Ops 2 i can't play **** of the game. It always seems like Treyarch just doesn't test their game on pc.

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                  http://steamcommunity.com/id/banek192 there is your hacker he is using wall hacks already. his videos are on yt.

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                    It's not necessarily Treyarch that hates PC gamers... it's Activision.


                    Three undisputable facts to always keep in mind.


                    1. Activision has "exclusivity deals" with Microsoft regarding the Call of Duty franchise!

                    2. Xbox users MUST PAY Microsoft in order to play Call of Duty multiplayer!

                    3. The more Call of Duty players switch from PC to Xbox, the more money Microsoft makes!


                    It is VERY clear now that they are on a mission to lessen the appeal of the PC version in order to force people over to Xbox...


                    R.I.P. Call of Duty... Congratulations, this is the first CoD title since CoD4 that I didn't grab on launch, and have no intention of ever getting on any platform. It's a shame.



                    I will be spending the $60 I had saved for BO2 on Farcry 3... With a MUCH bigger/better SP campaign, a 4 player co-op campaign, and a multiplayer MAP EDITOR, it's pretty clear that they actually DO care about the game they make.

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                      No problems here, you guys probably don't even meet the minimum system requirments or have something else wrong with your system and you blame Treyarch, lol. typical kids.....you guys make me laugh.

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                          There is nothing wrong. I got much more than i need for the game. One of my friends PC is 2 years older than mine and he can run it without problems...

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                            first of all, im not a kid. Second of all: before i bought the game, i first downloaded it through torrent. I played 2 missions on singleplayer with 0 problems! It ran smoothly, 1000x better than black ops 1. So i can't blame my pc for this, cause it meets the system requirements. Third of all: im not the only one, if you read through all the other posts on the pc forum of Blops2 you'll see that alot of people experience this bug.


                            The name "Trollarch" is continued from where it ended with Blops 1, stupid trolls, greedy a$$holes pretend to care for their customers.

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                            Sorry for your problems OP, but I'm not having any.  Actually, BLOPS2 runs better than MW3 or BLOPS ever did IMO.  I have an old computer (3 years old) and I get a solid 125 FPS in every map.


                            Game play is very smooth.  hit boxes are a little off, but they always are the first few weeks of a release.


                            If you can't start the game, check all your drivers and make sure you shut down unnecessary programs running in the background. 

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                              I never had so much problems with any Game. I Preordered it and get world at war too... i was screaming because waw was crashing all 5 Minutes, but thats nothing. I still cant play bo2 since 2 Days!!! Treyarch... u made good working games.       If i cant play on weekend i will want my Money back!!!

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                                It's really quite ridiculous that everything has to be dumbed down across the board because their precious 360 is effectively ancient technology now.