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    Questions and Issues

      Why does COD no longer have Co-Op?  They use to have those Special Ops missions that you could complete with a friend and to be honest those were my favorite part.


      With that said I am not a huge fan of BOII.  I think the main reason is becuase of the MP.  I loved the other COD games becuase they had Co-Op.  Campaign I am sure will be great but as all campaigns there is limited re-playable factor (there is some with this new campaign but at some point you will not want to keep playing again and again).  So with no Co-Op that just leaves MP.  Maybe it is just me but to me it is just the same thing again and again with these games.  There is nearly no strategy and all it comes down to is who is faster on the stick.  That is all MP is now a days.  People are like chickens with their head cut off shooting at the hip and throwing grenades.  I have found at least in say Battlefield there is more team play involved. 


      Is it me or do others feel the same?


      Don't get me wrong I will continue to play it but primarily becuase it is the game my friends are playing, but it gets boring quick...especially when there is no strategy and people are just running their own way and it's just helter skelter.