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    [HC Discussion] I'm a HC player and I'm very disappointed

      Since CoD4 most of my friends and I have always preferred HC over normal mainly due to the damage-hp model and constant minimap, and HC playlist have always been lacking game modes. In MW3 there were a lot of game types and more added after launch, but in Black Ops 2 there are only 4 gametypes in HC playlist(for those who are didn't get the game yet: FFA,TDM, S&D, CTF) and the lack of Kill Confirmed, HQ, Dom and your "signature" game types like Multi Team and Hardpoint is kind of a buzz kill I want my games fast and action packed where a simple mistake can be lethal, and I am being forced to play Normal to get more and more xp due to the lacking Objective game types.


      Since the beginning Treyarch has been saying that we are going to reward the PTFO guys and in HC it's either CTF or S&D. No multi team awesomeness, no kill confirmed(where confirming a kill worths more than actually killing). I can understand that HC is not a popular playlist in CoD but I do prefer it and I know some people who would rather play HC than normal, but I don't think setting up some servers that are dedicated to more HC gametypes shouldn't be that big of a deal for a huge company like Activision-Treyarch. Thank you for your time on reading.


      TL;DR: Need more gametypes in HC playlist.