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    Let us be sensible about this.

      Now I am as annoyed about not being able to play the multiplayer of black ops 2 as the next person to create a post full of rage and frustration. But people let's be honest does creating posts on how "This game is terrible" really solve any of the problems that you are faced with right now. No it won't. Now I won't say that there are not those who feel that in general that they are disappointed by the game I leave that for them to decided but all of those jumping on the band wagon of hating he game because the multiplayer is not up need to take a step back.


      Yes, as a paing customer you should have the righ to a game that is fully operational and worth the money you spent on it, unfrortunately for us somethign went wrong and we just have to wait for that. Be a little patient.


      I myself bought the hadened edition in Australia which set me back $108 which is top price for a game and yes I am serverelydisappointed that I am not currently playing the multiplayer. I do not see the point in posting abuse at treyarch as it is not going to get this problem solved any sooner. I very much enjoyed my experience up until I couldn't connect to the online and felt it was well worth my purchase.


      In summation, people that are angy just be patient or attempt to get your money back, don't go stomping about the forums. Additionally I hope the problems get fixed soon so I can continue to enjoy this great game.

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          While I like how calm you are and rational you are about this whole problem I can totally understand all the anger I see on this forum.

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            This is the most sensible post I have seen in a few of days

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              Heres an idea, they dont want people getting pissed then don't put out an unfinished product. I am a father, a husband, I don't get time to play video games as much as I would like. So when I take a day off with the sole purpose of playing the game I spent 60 bucks for I expect to be able to do so. This vacation day is never coming back. I wasted a vacation day for nothing!!! All because some f in geeks at activision are not as good at their job as they think they are. If some one screws up in my business they get fired. The same should be happening here, mass firings!!!

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                it's not like this is their first attempt at a game. They've been doing this for years. These problems should have been anticipated and addressed before release.


                Did they learn nothing from Blops1 release? Even the freezeing problem we've seen before when Blops was released. Honestly, If I made the same mistakes over and over again I'd probably get fired.

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                  This happens every year when the new CoD comes out. Everyone and there dog is trying to play, so the servers get overloaded.  Just wait a couple weeks, the new game novelty will wear off and the game will probably run more smoothly.  You could try installing the HD textures to the HDD if you want.  It takes up 1.8GB of space, but apparently makes the game run more smoothly.

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                    I am not saying that people are unjustified in their anger I am merely saying that all the angery and hateful posts are completely unnecessary. Treyarch are aware of the problems that are plauging us as PS3 users are are attempting a fix.

                    As far as plying money for a game that is currently not working I understand the feeling. Maybe not quite to the point of some having to take time off workbut as someone just out of high school currently only employed part-time, the money I invested was hefty from my prespective so I can relate somewhat. I just think that maybe a little patience is needed, sit back and wait for a moment, that is what I shall attmept to do for the time being and then if no further progress is made I may take action but until then they are trying to fix the problem and there is no number of angry posts that will fix them faster.

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                      Sorry guys, I disagree.


                      Although we dont need to be rude, I think we have the right to rage, and I think that by itself it wont solve anything (just a patch can solve) but it can give a feedback and a general idea to who is in charge. An appropriate image.


                      I mean, none of my PSN friends understand the problem I have when I say "I cant play multiplayer". They start obviously talking about the NAT or about router (cause they are playing) and it's just as bad as it is: I bought a game that I cant play.


                      Lag in MW3 pissed me off (but I knew everybody suffered it) and never made an hating thread..


                      BUT...buying a game, enjoy and playing it for 6 hours, and then in the next 12h (still counting...) the game is unavailable?? FIRST TIME I SEE THIS IN MY GAMING LIFE!..

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                          I was confused as well as to why after playing it for about 12 hours that my would no longer allow me to get into matchmaking and I am far from being a tech expert so I would not be able to make guesses as to why this is happening, but as far as I can see there is nothing I as a person behind a computer on the forums can do to speed up the process of fixing my game.

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                          I have only one question: how come these things STILL happen?


                          I mean, come on!! Those guys work on THE SAME ENGINE ever since COD 4.. it's the same matchmaking as far i know either. And instead of getting better, they are actually developing even more flawed games

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                            People have a sick sense of entitlement, yet they'll be the first to scream "NERF!"

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                              Get off your high horse buddy. BO2, MW3, & BO1 aren't very different from eachother. They're still using the IW3 engine (quake engine) that's 7 years old! All they really had to do was change the class system, make a few maps/guns/score streaks, and a few new game modes; for which they had over a year to do. They did everything except Beta test it on PS3 and cashed in. If it's your first time putting out a game for PS3 and the launch isn't great that's fine but to be a billion dollar developer and consistently **** the bed with release after release its unacceptable. But you dropped 108$ on a video game and have no problem with it being 60% done so you either have a lot of money or your I.Q is <90.

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                                  As I said in my post I was very happy with the content I was getting pre being unable to log into online. I have had ample amount of time to get a feel for the multiplayer and I find it very solid (besides obvious issues)  and rather balanced, more blanced than I found MW3 at any rate. I enjoy most maps and all weapons seem to be on equal footing and have their own niche. So once I am able to get back into multiplayer I will be happy to have spent the money I did upon it as I was happy previously.

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                                    High horse? Looks whos fkn talking. You think that is ALL they had to do? Like its easy to develop a new game, even with an older engine. Listen to yourself, if you can do better, go right ahead.


                                    Oh wait....