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    wierd worlds are these

      Anyone else disappointed with the "DX11" graphics???


      To me it looks like a DX9 game!!!!


      Ran it on the max settings and it just doesn't appear any better looking than MW2, MW3 and Black OP's 1 and they are all DX9 games.



      It looks better than the new Medal Of Honor game but it still doesn't look as good as Crysis 1 lol a game that iirc is around 7 or 8 years old(?)


      I know it's a console port but I would have thought adding DX11 to the game would have given us better graphics than we got.


      I am disappointed with Treyarch after all they spouted on to pc gamers how the game was going to look so much better than any Call Of Duty game before but to me it just doesn't.

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          True def not as good as I thought it would be graphically. Also doesnt seem to support SLI which they said it would

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            I'm also disappointed closed the game in the first mission these graphics just suck. Normally I'm not the type who needs these advanced graphics but especially in games like this they are a big part of the atmosphere. With these graphics and these performance issues I will not play this game which is really sad I always liked the Cod storys but black ops 2 just sucks never before stopped playing a game in the first few minutes.


            I'm really sad I was so happy when it finally did come out, but at least I can play Hitman in a week.

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              That bad?

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                I registered JUST so I could post in here and agree with you.


                One of the most immensely disappointing games I've ever played.  The graphics are pathetic when you compare it to other games... just look at Battlefield 3.. this came out in November 2011 and still looks far far far superior in every respect. 


                Saying they wanted this game to appear at a smooth framerate is an awful excuse for sheer lazy development.  The game engine has barely changed in 7 years and I actually gave them the benefit of doubt when I purchased it. 


                £39.99 for an underdeveloped, lazy port which, in my opinion, could have been a patch nevermind a new game is just robbery.


                The COD series is now well and truly separated itself from the PC gaming community.  This game is embarrassing compared to others.  The fact, as you mentioned, you have games like Crysis 1 and BF3 looking much better despite the age difference is ridiculous.


                So so disappointed....


                p.s. I also closed the game shortly after the first mission because I was so annoyed at the same old game engine/graphics and gameplay


                I'm now patiently waiting for Battlefield 4.  At least EA make an effort.

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                  You have to remember that it's still a console port. Any dx11 effects are added in after. It's not a true dx11 game. I think you were expecting a little to much from a port.

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                      This game started out on PC!  There is simply no excuse for releasing a game with this kind of attention it gets and the money they have, and having made a half arsed attempt on the graphics.


                      They haven't updated the graphics engine, not because it's smooth on consoles and they don't want to change that, but because that costs money, and they might have to then actually putting some high-res textures in their very similar collection of games.


                      I was standing close to a wall in the game and couldn't believe I was seeing these big splodgy looking low res textures... in a game released in 2012.


                      Just dire...

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                      Looks better than the new Medal of Honor??? Are you blind or what? That game is stunning, a true DX11 game rand by the frostbite engine. It even tops BF3 in apperance. The game it self is way worse then black ops 2 though.


                      Can anyone here confirm or deny that the max res setting on black ops 2 is 1600x900?? Because my  game wont go any higher and this is a true scandal if this is a planned move or something to get it to run smooth on consoll, they have no more milk, make new consolls! =D