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    Any information out regarding transferring data from Black Ops?

      Has anyone heard - or has any infromation been released - regarding whether it will be possible to transfer any of your game info or history or experience from playing the first wii Black Ops game to the new Black Ops II game?


      I thought the game manual for one of the Call of Duty games had a discussion about getting prestige tokens based on how times you had prestiged on the previous COD game.  I know for the Wii, only ports were possible and that we couldn't get so many features that the other consoles had, but now with the WiiU there has been some discussion about being able to transfer information from the Wii to the WiiU by having them both "hooked" up the internet.


      I was thinking there just might be a possibility - and it would be pretty cool - if we would get some type of data transfer from the first Black Ops game to compensate/help previous players level up quicker or unlock some gear earlier.


      Anyone know anything about this???

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