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    Is anyone else quite disappointed with Black Ops 2?

      Picked up the game last night and played for a few hours in multiplayer.  I read other places how this game benefits the "skilled players" by not having overpowered guns and killstreaks.  So far I am unhappy with a few things in the game. 


      The maps are pretty detailed and pretty neat, but gameplay wise they seemed to benefit the campers and spawn campers.  I found that in an open area 1 on 1 I normally got the kill, but so often I would leave my spawn area only to have half of the other team sitting behind structures and up in windows just waiting for people to leave spawn.  I was able to get on some really good runs where I was destroying the other team, but as soon as I would die, I would find myself walking out to a bunch of campers that could shoot me from various places. 


      The next issue that I had was sniping and quickscoping.  It seemed liked snipers were doing really well and able to quickscope quite easily.  I tried doing some quickscoping on the older games, but never really got into it and was never good at it (wasn't a very good sniper in general), but I decided to try a sniper on BO2 and found that I could quickscope and snipe very easily (way too easily). 


      I played a lot of MW2 and Black Ops before getting MW3 (Didn't play much MW3 before going back to Black Ops, heck I never even used up all of my original Double XP time).  Black Ops was my favorite Call of Duty game to date and I was really hoping that Black Ops 2 would be more of an extention of the first Black Ops, but it feels more like an extension of Modern Warfare.  At this time I am going to give the game some more time, but as of now I am quite uhappy with the game and ready to go back to the old Black Ops.  After only about an hour or two of the game I felt like putting the original BOps back in.


      To be clear, I'm not trying to say that this game sucks and that this is my final opinion of this game.  I am just stating that I am disappointed at this point and was wondering if others are seeing the same thing as I do.

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          Lol who said it there would be no "OP'd guns"? Every game has them, Halo, BF, Gears, CoD, Etc...Shouldn't have gotten your hopes up on that.


          You're having trouble with Quickscopers? Stinks, the only time i've seen snipers is on the carrier map but have had no problems with being QS'd by them.


          I also liked the oringial blops, till day this day currently, it's still the best IMO. Until the fixes start rolling out for this game that is.


          I'm a little disappointed, but not really. Campaign was great, zombies are fun, and MP is the usual lag fest...Needs to be less laggy but when you get those good games, with the connection not bringing you down, it's so smooth.

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              Yeah, the no OP'd guns wasn't from a reliable source, but I read how this game was giong to benefit the more skilled players (and was really hoping that it was true), but found that it made sniping extremely easy and benefited campers a ton.  I am a run and gun guy and did really well and had a lot of fun when I wasn't running into a full team of campers, but it seemed to be the norm.  I guess after awhile the camping should not be so bad once people have played the game for awhile (seems to usually be the case). 


              I normally don't play campaigns but am looking forward to trying this one out.  I do enjoy the killstreaks in this one as well.  Zombies is always awesome.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure I'll put plenty of time into it. 


              I didn't have much trouble with lag when playing, so that wasn't much of a problem. 


              I really hope that the gameplay improves, and I realize that I need to give the game some more time.  I think my biggest disappointment is that the maps appear to benefit campers a lot at this point, but that may be a little to do with the fact that there were a lot of campers in the games that I played and I don't yet know where to always be checking for campers.


              It bugs me that I can't get ghost until Lvl 55.  I like to be able to go an unexpected route and be able to flank campers, but when playing last night they all had UAV's and the campers always knew if I was able to flank them, and would be able to camp me just the same since they knew that I was coming.  It is nice because they can't use Ghost and hide from UAV's, but at the same time it makes it awfully tough to flank the campers.

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              I was disappointed in the sucky server issues last night. I was unable to get into MP or Zombies at all. However, I set up Local play against bots while I waited so I could get used to the maps and feel out the weapons/perks.


              I noticed that quickscoping is easier on this game than any of the last Call of Duty games. This shocked me given the way IW nerfed quickscoping in BOps 1. Even though I was playing bots, it seemed incredibly easy to get one shot kills without a whole lot of skill.


              I can't really comment much on the maps as I've only played a few. Some of them seem to be way to big with too many paths and hiding spots. I haven't noticed that much camping, but I think IW made good changes in regards to the stealth/assissin..whatever you call it perk. I like that someone hiding in one spot and not moving will show up on radar whether they are stealthed or not. This makes hunting campers that much easier.

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                well only a bit

                i´m a k/d player and in since mw1 i always had a 1.5 - 1.9 k/d and now there´s blops2 i only have a 1.1 k/d now

                i really dont know what is wrong, the enemys are so damn fast when they run lol

                i really like this game, i hope they fix those issues like the laggs and other things

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                  extremely disappointed in this game. im a huge fan of the call of duty series, and have always found a way to get past all the downfalls of each game, and found a way to like it and have fun. This game though, is straight up terrible,.. its absolutely nothing but people running around with laser sights on their smgs, hipfiring everything. spamming the hell out of UAV's. The lag compensation is the game is absolutely terrible. Ive never cared about KD, all ive ever cared about is having fun and winning, But ive yet to have even the slightest bit of fun with this game, even in games where ive done very well. This game does not feel like a COD game what so ever. Regardless if people think they are playing the same old **** year after year... They should have kept it the same as black ops 1, just with a few minor tweaks. The same old **** is what made this game such a huge franchise in the first place.


                  Every year ive kept and played each COD game from the release day, until the release day of the next one. This year. after 2 days , im ready to sell it

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                    I'm ok with it actually. Though SMGs could be a little less powerful as they own and I know I use them. Rapid fire decimates.

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                      same **** servers suck you would think they could get it right

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                        I'm not disappointed at all.  Killstreak rewards seem to be a bit more numerous than I'd like, but not dominating.  Spawns still need work, but they always do.  I'm just tickled I can play it.  MW3 was a broken mess with it's lag comp/matchmaking/netcode or whatever problem.  This game works just fine.

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                            I really enjoy Black Ops Two, having the weapons in the future can spark some creativity in the weapons. The Create a Class is really wicked, it's the first game that lets you to break the rules to it by sacrificing something else. There aren't as many quick scopers on this game which is fine, in MW3 it got annoying because they always failed at it. I like compentition, not target dummies. It seems they put some work into the maps which is nice to see, unlike that last game which where all sloppy messes. Nuketown was a perfect remake. What else- oh yeah, the kill streaks being points is a really nice change, making it worth while for people who actually go for the objectives for those game types.

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                            Without a doubt, this game definitely appeals to the campers more than anyone else. As the one guy said above, I'm also a run and gun type of guy, I refuse to camp. It's a bit ridiculous that the skilled players like us are getting mowed down by a bunch of campy noobs with sniper rifles. Everyone knows a sniper rifle (for the most part) is a one shot kill. So while we're running around with our assault rifles (which require more than one shot to kill, minus the exception of headshots), they're just sitting around picking us off with no real effort involved.


                            The guns look a bit "chunkier" if anyone catches my drift, just a bit bigger than the first Black Ops. The only real snag I've hit is the game constantly making my Xbox freeze, and having to restart it multiple times to get it to finally go. Obviously there's still people that rage quit, then you get stuck in limbo from the lobby trying to find a new host to the loading screen.


                            I'd say after the Dev's finally get their act together and issue patches for all the glitches, bugs, etc. then everyone can fully assess the game and say rather it's really garbage or not. Until then, all we can really do is hang in there and be as patient as possible.

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                              I wouldnt say I'm disappointed on the whole, but the issues I have are that it seems the maps were made specifically for campers, and the respawn system is ******* woeful.

                              Oh, and lag comp sucks balls…

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                                Very dissapointed with the lag comp or netcoding wutever it is.  Really like the new 10point system and maps are definately better than mw3. Not being able to hear footsteps sucks but the lag comp ultimately ruins the game for me.

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                                  Give the game more time man, it gets better.