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    BO2 Forum members team stream (for fun)

      Sup fellas, We should put together a few teams involving the people who use this forum regularly and maybe have a weekly (or whenever) stream for the forum users to watch. We all come here to chat about the game and talk to each other, why not play together! Anyone can join and if you don't want to play you can just watch and maybe commentate using the CodCast feature. Im not sure how that works, do you? If a few dedicated people want to host it I think it would be fun. We could get a couple guys who love to shoot down enemy air support and a couple good slayers and two guys who focus on nothing but the objective. If someones familiar with how to host live streams (I have no idea how) and would want to be in charge of setting it up I think it'd be alot of fun. We could have a SnD team. a Domination team.. etc... Like I said we all chat here, why not make a team consisting of forum members playing games streamed to the forum members?