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    Halo 4

      Anyone got this?


      What do you think of it?


      I like it generally but there are a few things that annoy me. No proper Infection for a start.


      And please, no troll posts about how Halo is ****.

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          i still cant believe they have even made a halo4 they will do anything to milk the fans of their money


          but back on topic i thought the campagin was a bit boring as for the online its not that bad i like how it doesnt take 2 or 3 clips to get a kill now

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              They don't release Halo every year unlke CoD so it's not as much a cash cow franchise as CoD is.


              They kinda made the assault rifle a bit easy to get kills with (I still prefer the DMR though). I could get a kill with a single clip on Reach - it didn't need a buff TBH. As for the needler - it makes even the MP7 look balanced (there's already an MP7 is OP thread on here!)


              @dutchpunk Yep it was a bit short - 2 sessions, about 3 hours each and I was done (solo). I can't wait for some of the epic custom games to come through...

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              Played the campaign co-op. My opinion best halo. But the campaign in co-op op niormal ius way to short. 2 night around 5,5 hours and done

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                Never thought I'd say this but I think it's way better than black ops 2

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                    It isnt like CoD Halo is Sc-fi CoD is Modern Get your facts right

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                        Not quite. This Halo feels more like CoD than others. "Dominion" (Domination with a few tweaks - that said I think that was a good idea), killcams, sprint as standard... we all know where these all came from. Plus, BO2 is borderline sci-fi.


                        The line between CoD and Halo is becoming blurred.


                        Could the next CoD be a Future Warfare which is way into the future, not a few years after MW?

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                        It sounds like BO2 has some of the problems from the first BO and from MW3. Lag comp, sketchy hit detection, MP7 is overpowered (again!), host migration...


                        Just be thankful there's nothing as ridiculously OP as the Fuel Rod Cannon in CoD. It's a hot contender for the award of "biggest noob gun of all time". Essentially it has the power of the noob tube from MW2... and you can spam it.

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                        I'm not a fan, it's pretty much a Halo Reach clone, and I wasn't that big of a fan of the Reach multiplayer as is.