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    Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

      I am 17 years old and my parents keep looking out for me like I'm a baby, only allowed to play games in the weekends and then it's usually for a maximum of 1 or 2 hours. I am relatively fit, and play soccer and guitar. At home it seems like the only person with any authority is my mom, she controls everything and my dad just stands on the sideline watching. I play a lot of different games, although not for a very long time, as you might have understood.

      I just find it difficult to talk to my parents about gaming, and everytime i bring it up, they ignore me. The few times I manage to get something out of them it's usually something like "I don't want to talk about that."

      I have gotten 1 ok reply from them, and that was "It's not social, you should go outside and meet people."

      Witch is something I do, but the majority of my friends (at least the ones I go out with the most) are gamers, so when we do something together it's often a lan party, witch is something i enjoy, since I rarely get to play games while I'm at home.


      Please, give me some suggestions to what i can do to "soften them up!"

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          Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

          I'm an adult and don't hate gaming. But think you should have a limit. When your parents think 1 a 2 hours is enough. Well get uses to it

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            Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

            I have no problem with children gaming - I'm an adult who acts as a guardian of two children aged 14 and 11 who do a lot of gaming. I suspect that most adults' experience of gaming pre-dates the online era which started in the late '90s and thus projects the stereotype of a person sat in their room doing nothing productive or socially healthy with their life, instead playing on a computer system. It's all connected to social norms.


            However, as such things as Facebook, Twitter, Skype as well as online gaming have spread far and wide, and the social aspect of gaming has taken root, attitudes will change.


            On the flip side, though, you must also consider that gaming can become addictive; there are multiple cases of people becoming addicted to video games (World of Warcraft is a major example of this). I know someone who became so addicted to that game they had no other life than that; their day would involve 6 hours of sleep and 18 hours of Warcraft (with occasional food and toilet breaks) - that was it. Gaming addictions often tend to be similar to substance addictions (drug abuse, alcoholism, etc).


            I suspect it is your parents wanting to ensure that you won't become addicted to video games.

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              Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

              I know a lot how this guy feels. It's not nearly so bad for me, I get an hour saturday, sunday, and monday. Plus a basically indefinite time on thursday and friday evenings. Which is good enough for me. But my parents still seem very hostile towards it and often say I should have much less.

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                Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

                so they watch what you do all the time when it comes to how long you spend gaming..... but dont mind you having a game where your trying to become a killing machine??

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                  Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

                  When I was 17 I didn't have that problem, I was unfit and my social life was balls.

                  Magically when I turned 18 though I changed my ways.

                  Keep in mind I'm 25 now.


                  Personally I believe this is because my mother tried to do this tactic with me when I was younger and what I don't think parents understand (as a generality) is a total lack of exposure to something can create exactly what they don't want.


                  It's like kids and sweets, if you don't let them get enough they tend to over indulge when they do get some because they know they won't be getting any more for a loooong time and thus begins some basic psychological programing.

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                    Re: Why do parents/adults hate gaming?

                    at least your parents do something about you playing games with a lot of parents now they will just buy a game for their kid to shut them up, i think what a lot of parents don't understand is that they keep them inside to protect them from the outside world but in doing so they restricts them to resorting to other means of enjoyment ie games and tv in the end young people have nothing else to do and get looked down apon for doing so.

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