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    Your take on the maps so far


      I have to say that I really am disappointed with how the maps are in the MP. I thought with all the people, myself included, wanting something done about camping that they would make it harder to camp. But no, every map I played yesterday was EXTREMELY camper friendly. In one match, we lost by a considerable amount of points all because the entire enemy team was camping on one side of the map and had the audacity to think they were good after the match.


      I just dont get that kind of mentality. You think you are good since all you do is point your crosshair in a certain direction the whole time? I must say that I really did have high hopes that they would have made these maps harder for people to camp. I guess I have to wait to unlock the MMS before I can actually have a decent game since all anyone wants to do is hide all the time.

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          I like the design of the maps, just way too small. You shoot someone walk around the corner and then your shot from behind. Its is highly frustrating this is happening a lot. On a small map when in a fire fight chances are very high that another player is already behind you. I just dont know what to think of this game. I give it a few more hours but to honest i'm not really excited yet. Too bad because i was hoping for a killer edition COD.

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            Once again the maps are getting smaller, not too much of a complaint until I get spawn killed 3 times in a row, pretty sure they were talking about spawn logic recently but how can there be any logic when maps are this small? plus as far as I can tell I'm yet to kill anyone who just spawned! suspicious I must say as it has happened to me many times already, Heyho


            plus of the 15 maps (I think) I probably played 9 of them in the 9 hours I played yesterday.


            basically I'm not a huge fan of Tiny maps (I like how it descibes maps as Medium sized yet I wouldn't say they were any bigger than Dome from MW3, just sayin)

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              Well there is locking down and camping, if an entire team works together to hold a sizeable area of the map then that's fair enough in my eyes.



              But map design I think is much better now. My favourite being hijack could get some great sniper battles going between the two upper decks. CTF is fun with the below deck tunnel and the flanking gangways. Hardpoint gets a bit frantic because the spawns flip easily. Good small map.



              The one in LA with the three channels feels a little set if you know what I mean. Yeah there are some cross over points but a two man fire team could probably hold a side of the map with the right weapons Point Streaks and comms. But all in all I'm enjoying all the maps.

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                I really like the maps except for the occasional spawn-killer or camper but overall nice setup

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                  The maps are great for free for all, nothing worse than wandering round for half the game trying to find someone on a huge map!

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                    Maps are bad, many of them.

                    Flanking is not even a tactic anymore. You just have to run, and you will see enemies from behind and the side.

                    It's just as bad as MW3



                    CoD4 > MW2 = BO > MW3 = BO2




                    What made the CoD4 maps good?

                    Or rather; the SKILL of battlefield awareness combined with good and consistent map design.


                    If you spawned, you KNEW you wouldn't get shot 1 second later by someone with an SMG / PDW.

                    If you cleared an area, you KNEW you could scout ahead without stopping at each barrel, staring backwards in fear of an enemy coming from behind.
                    You could KNOW the enemy positions through situational awareness, and predict enemy movements by spotting an enemy, and actually employing SKILL to flank that person.


                    Maps had themes: On strike, you know you're going into a lot of medium range encounters, and some long ones.

                    The same applied to pipeline, bloc, bog, overgrown and wet work.


                    Right now in black ops 2, if you spot someone 20 yards away, there is not a snowball's chance in hell that you'll be able to predict where he's going because every ten meters of your way, there's three different routes to take for the next ten meters.

                    Every map is a cluster of short, medium and long range encounters, where no weapon feels solid -- but SMGs seem to be the best choice overall because just like in MW3, movement speed wins games because the map design promotes running like a headless chicken, getting behind enemies.
                    (Making camping as a whole team a very tempting strategy, because moving around is suicide since people can flank you just by running around aimlessly)


                    That was the bad.


                    The good is that maps feel more natural.
                    No invisible walls EVERYWHERE; you are allowed to climb objects you'd naturally be able to climb.


                    Vacant is a very good example of a good map.
                    So is killhouse, crash, broadcast, overgrown, district, backlot, crossfire, bog and strike.


                    CoD4 had the most good map of ANY game I have ever played, and the most balanced weapons.

                    (Apart from M16's 925 RPM and G36C's lack of a niche, as well as RPD with grip. That's one moderate problem, and two minor problems.)

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                        I agree...the spawn points need to be fixed.  I am unable to start to run before getting picked by multiple smg's on almost every map.  What Ive noticed is that most of the time it is smarter to kill then turn around and run the other way..hardly the way that I like to play..

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                        I think that the level design in Black Ops II is the best yet... Before now it was Call of Duty 2

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                          http://youtu.be/sdxLfOUElsI tune in to my league play live stream

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                            I think the maps (ones I've played at least) are fantastic! I've always enjoyed small maps though. Spawns I can deal with once I figure them out and can predict where and when the enemy is going to spawn around me. It was funny, I caught someone dancing in the bar on Plaza lastnight lol.

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                                There are only 2 maps I don't like - Hijacked and Carrier - and the rest are pretty decent. Way better than MW3 anyway.