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    Im very disappointed

      Well, Got my BLOP2 yesterday only coz the epic zombies returns. This time it dosent feel right. You had 2 years to come up with something brilliant and Tranzit is the only thing you put some effort in. But what about survival? why couldnt you make at least one more map ecs ascansion,Kino? Why dont we get Nuketown for free?


      Tranzit are probably a good mode but with only this map its gonna get boring very fast. I had high hopes with treyarch in the picture!


      I really hope you have some nice maps on survival ready for download soon.

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          They split it up into five maps on there, and with no real word of the Easter Egg being solved, and you being able to play the game with other players, I don't see how this will get boring.  I hadn't even started TranZit yet, and I was already having fun adjusting to the obstacles, and punching zombies with the Knuckles.  Plus, you'll be able to take your zombies to the next level, and use the game play to make awesome videos of you slaying zombies!  This has promise, imo.  Besides me landing host, anyways.  I've noticed so far that Zombies pay more attention to host.

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              Jesus, what are you 10 years old? cant possible be happy about this?

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                  Well, how about that.  I didn't know there still people who issue titles about!  I think what you may have done, was you put your hope on a ladder that extends out towards the outer layers of the sky, and you weren't able to grab on to it, fell, and got a little bo-bo, and you're a little agitated because the hope wasn't reached.  Now, that may be your opinion, sure.  But hey, at least I've got a fancy title, and an opinion of my own, right?

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                    I find no problem with TranZit, it's a great new game mode and it's the only gamemode i've played online (I have played grief, but with friends on custom mode). I may play survival, but i find TranZit makes you think more about survival, and not just killing the hordes of the undead ... which in my personal opinion is better :/ If you don't like it, don't play it ... stick to survival and grief.

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                        But the problem is survival sucks on BO2 from what I have heard.

                        Small maps. Not much to do in them (only few perks and only one map has pack-a-punch).

                        The maps look very similar to each other -> becomes boring soon.

                        Only wonder weapon is ray gun and monkies.


                        So basically 3arc "ruined" classic zombies by puttig all the efort on Tranzit and forcing to play that or Grief.

                        Only good survival map Nuketown is exclusive and costs extra...

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                    I myself am also very disappointed with zombies.  Transit was cool but there is no pack-a-punch and there are 4 locations with limited space to roam around or explore in each of those locations.  Farm is a joke.  Town is annoying.  They are too small.

                    Here is an idea for Transit.  Transit would be better if there were maybe 10 stops.  Sometimes the bus would skip some stops.  Or if you wanted to go to a certain stop you have to forfeit like 5000 points.  There would be a pack-a-punch somewhere and there would be tons of doors to open.  There would be some new form of dogs or monkeys to it.  Just my two cents. 

                      Otherwise the multiplayer aspect is fantastic.  Treyarch did a wonderful job with that.  I feel let down with Zombies though.  I was really looking forward to that.

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                      Treyarch did more than enough, in Black ops you only got 2 survival maps excluding the most retarded **** ever called dead ops arcade.

                      In blops 2 you get 5 maps, a world where you can do more than just kill zombies, buy crap and upgrade stuff, they put boss zombies, new types of zombies, buildables, and a 4v4v zombies game mode, if you don't think that's enough along with a singleplayer that has parallel worlds and a new system for multiplayer, then damn you're hard to please.

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                          I agree with you, people are so ungrateful!  The only thing I could complain about is some of the online server issues but I know that problem will be corrected here soon...

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                              Not ungreatful, zombies is fun but they really craped on the orginal survival mode. I thought the teleports, zipelines and other traps and etc were really going to shine in the new zombies but no it doesnt. They almost did not add anything instresting but a bigger space with wood buildings that gneerally look the same in every place.