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    Projects Gaming (Xbox) is recruiting

      We are currently accepting free members! We are trying grow to a bigger clan to compete on Black Ops 2.



      Working Mic

      16+ years old (no exceptions)

      Positive KD (negative KDs will not be accepted)

      Active Gamer

      Able to communicate well with others

      Must be in the U.S. (No European members unless you are willing to play on American hours.)


      MW3 Clan Info:

      Level 37 Clan

      12 Clan Emblems

      3 Clan Titles

      Gold Clan Tag


      Notes: Visit our website (http://clan.iclanwebsites.com/projectsgaming/) and send an application. Once you send your application, you will be given a review date. The review is our clan tryout. Once selected, you will become a clan Prospect and will be placed in a week long trial period. If you make it past the trial period, you will become a member.