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      so i recently bought the game black ops 2 after all the hype and waiting and it is suppost to be so good and yet again i was let down this game was suppost to be the next step in the games future. hate to say it but it was more of a let down then anything more or less went backwards. i haven' had it more then 24 hours and have already returned it. the score streaks make people camp even more then ever. domination the flags are so close i could pee from A flag to C flag. save your money people this game was the biggest let down and going from the graphics of MW3 to Black Ops 2 was horrible almost like black ops1 just with a better picture now don't go by my word but i am just letting people know what your getting into. i am just saying the next game COD puts out better be a little bit better or don't put so much hype into it and yes there are going to be people who like this type of gameplay but to me it is a major let down to me and i will be back playing MW3

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          True man I feel like I'm playing battlefield

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            So your saying the "next" CoD should be a "little bit better" but you aren't happy with a CoD that has significantly improved on many of the core aspects of the game?


            And you've played, what, 3 hours of the multiplayer at best?


            I don't think that qualifies you as someone whose opinion should really be given much weight.


            You must have been happy with the ridiculous domination and maps from MW3, and that's fine, but the community didn't want that - we wanted class domination back. Linear maps, 3 flags in a line, easy to combat. That's what we got.

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              There are plenty of people who fall for the hype of this game every year and then proceed to create threads like these. (in general) If you were displeased with any of the previous cods and how they played wouldn't it be a better choice to try the game out first before purchasing it?

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                  These people like the OP are a joke.. i saw a little bit of camping, but nothing like I did in mw3, im happy that its harder to get point streaks, we dont need people spaming air support, it should be that you have to earn it.. face it, mw3 was soo easy and nooby, people got a custom to it, now BO2 takes more skill, all these little kids freak out that they cant spawn kill and blow the skys up, dont play this game dude, go back to noob warfare3

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                      I agree with you. I find this game a bit refreshing. It is nice to see the changes that Treyarch has made to the game. It seems like a good mix of BO and MW3 in one game. The UAV is nice because you get assist points the whole time it is up, AND those points count towards your next streak. Overall I am impressed with what they have done and I see my MW3 disc most likely collecting dust from this this point forward.

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                        I disagree.  Spawn killing seems to be worse in this game than the others.  I have been spawn killed by enemies directly in front of me or right behind me more times in this game than all others combined, and that is with only playing the game for a few hours.


                        As for the fact that their are no more support killstreaks, I personally believe this is a bad thing.  It limits the different types of players out there.  I am an total objective player.  I like to cap the flags, and far too often I end up on teams that are just slayers, and dont really care about capping/winning.  They typically play domination just to up their K/D.  I am opposite.  I dont think K/D shows you are a great player at all. 


                        I am not impressed with what they have done.  Hitmarkers are off by a lot, color saturation is really high (at least it seems like that to me).  Close quarters gunfights arent nearly as good.  Finally, I think the graphics took a dive from MW3. 

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                      I do agree, it has a battlefield feel and sound to it. However, you have to give it a chance. As for comparing it to mw3. Thats a joke in itself. Now people actually have to try and do the objectives if they even want to consider a kill streak. God forbid people actually play the objectives. I think this strikes a nice balance.

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                        lol im surprised no1 said anything about this yet. the game hasnt even been out long and hes saying more campers then ever? u do realise that when a new cod comes out there is usually alot of campers because they dont know the map layouts. once they learn the maps there would b less camping...just sayin

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                            i agree with this ^ - it doesnt matter what forum you go to... bf3, mohw, mw3, blkops2.. there is always gona be 'that guy' that hates it. i bet you didnt return it. i bet you're playing right now.. c'mon bro.. it's okay.. you can admit it..

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                            Ive had the game for about a week now and can say it's about as good as any CoD.

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                              Doncha just love it when someone rushes out to be first in line to buy the game and it sucks


                              There is a thing called a FORUM where you can see peoples feeling on the game THEN decide to buy it.


                              I can understand if the game is not for them but you cant blame the game because you pulled a Quickdraw on your wallet.

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                                I never thought I would play a game that made mw3's hit dectition look good !! but i was proved wrong with this one.

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                                  So let me get this right the OP had the game less than 24 hours and thinks he can judge that its the biggest let down??

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                                      Sorry Ive played less then 30 games and can say to me is the worse yet. The lag is disgusting , i did try youre tip from another thread and it helped for maybe 3 matchs then as new people joined i was right back to where i started. Not to mention a spawn system thats somehow worse then mw3's a feat in its own right I'm not willing to write if off quite yet give them a little time to fix aka finish it . Then give it another try , I'm just tired of incomplete games upon release and this is buy far the worse yet in that aspect

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                                      i think that people ate getting too angry and not clear enough about the issues they are having. i for example, feel that core is unplayable due to people having a massive advantage of atleast 0.5 seconds and secondly after playing hardcore due to cores problems there is no variety in hardcore game modes. please sort at least one out?

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                                          Hello fellow cod players,

                                          I have to be honest, I did not look forward to this game coming out.  I imagine I will try it down the line.  I say "try" it as in not go out and buy it new.  I've been playing the cod series from the start and see nothing but improvements to each title in many ways.  If I even have second doubts I dont just run out and buy it because of the hype.  I wait.  I read reviews from sources I have come to trust.  I read fan reviews and forums such as this.

                                          It's still early but the way things look this game is sounding preety darn great.  Have some patience and try to give a game its chance.  As far as the "BIGGEST LET DOWN!!!"  Im not sure why you would say that. 

                                          " i was let down this game was suppost to be the next step in the games future"

                                        I know its about game play but story wise its the future.  Nuff said.  I have not heard about the controls being a problem, the sound/music, campaign/zombie mode, or general physics/realism...what more can you ask for? Besides the next two things I heard you mention below.

                                          Graphics?  Call it what you want but I always felt MW 1 had the best Graphics hands down.  To compare any other title of the series some would say they don't stack up.  A obvious comparison MW 1 vs Black Ops 1 in graphics.  From various vidoes out now the grapichs on Black Ops 2 look better than the first BO so thats good enough for me.

                                          Multiplayer varies from game to game.  There will always be campers, no scopers, suiciders, ect.

                                        It shocks me you are still surprised that people are camping this early of a release.  Maybe its a small map your playing domination on?  If its such a problem then play another mode. 

                                          There are not many directions a game can go that has not been seen already.  Major changes

                                        can make or break them as we have seen before in other game series outside of cod.  The real new direction was duh  :  future!  If you break from a FPS cod does not feel like cod.  Remember 3rd person mode?  Yeah the new direction that you seemed to have missed UnsightedAsp700 was the future.  Didnt you notice the nice future looking everything?  Or did you think robots/drones were a normal thing.  I'll save you the time of spiiting out everything future related I've seen and read about without even buying the darn game yet.

                                        Those are some big words for UnsightedAsp700.  By the sound of it this person has not experienced the full game.  Has this person played through the campaign fully, or played through the zombies mode, or really had a chance to play multiplayer through thoroughly?  So can we take his post seriously?  I don't think so.  Perhaps when someone goes a bit more in detail of why this game is the biggest let down I'll think about not trying it.  Otherwise It looks like I have a solid game to try out.  It's a bit rough holding out so far because talking about this game temps me more to go over a friends house to pretend to visit but truly just have a chance to test out black ops 2 pretending not to be interested.    Cya

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                                          I'm enjoying the game a lot. Feels like a step in the right direction.


                                          And for the people saying it feels like battlefield, I must question did you play battlefield? I put in 100+ hours in that game and no game feels like battlefield to me. Call of Duty is dratically different. Feels like Call of Duty.


                                          But all in all, can't wait to play tomorrow afternoon!

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                                            I agree its a let down, but not all of it, the game and game play its self are good, the down side for me is the servers sux, they need to make it so there is dedicated servers again i play mainley on pc so bought 2 copys for pc one for me and one for the wife, to find out they wasent going to give the hardend or C/Package editions on pc, so i had to buy it on ps3 aswell just for the care package edition which sort off made me mad cos i hate game consoles for FPS cant use controlers for them, they made a rally good game but not so good point of sales and servers have a lot to be desired,