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    Treyarch please increase capture the flag time limi, why did you even reduce it??

      As the title says!!

      As a massive CTF fan in Black Ops, im quite diasapointed that the round time has been reduced from ten to five minutes, and judging by the fact only 760 people were playing it an hour ago, im guessing other may be feeling the same?

      It's changed the whole game, all people are doing is capping the flag once, then camping like crazy around their flag for 3 minutes, it just isnt any fun anymore, the ten minute round times gave you time to tacticly approach the enemy base and work as a team to get the flag, now its just crazy run gun and camp the flag out, it just isn't enough time to have a enjoyable game!!


      In my opinion, ( and thats all this is, my opinion, so don't flame me ) CTF was the best mode on Black Ops, now its not half as fun....

      So Treyarch, i know you guys look after the community, so im asking you please please please could we have a longer CTF round, please!


      Oh and one more little moan, the marker that shows where the flag carrier is super annoying, that wouldnt hurt that being removed either!!!


      Thanks for reading :-)