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    If I Don't Like The Way Things Are Going..I'm Signing Out...V.2

      You're going to punish me for buying the game, paying my ISP bill?


      No I don't care about the probation. I've said it before... I will NOT be your dedicated server! I'm seeing some problems with people dying who aren't being shown to me as "seeing" me. Hit them with FMJs and they just turn and "hey..was you tickling me?" No! I was shooting you, but I guess since you are in the sweet "3bars" of invincibility stage... I guess I was.


      So, excuse me for not living near a Motel6 where they left the light on..and left off the WiFi Security. I guess I'll go sit down for 5 mins. Pfft.. Really? I get put in a corner because I have 4 bars, no WiFi, no streaming going on, no phone eating my ISP service. Ports forwarded. Fixed my DNS issue.


      Yeah sit there and feel n337, You better hope I'm not hosting.