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    Dissapointed about HE thread.

      Ok since Ive had 2 threads on this deleted because of bad language from a poster and repetition. I would like this to be civil and without bad language.


      One of the mods said I need to contribute to exsisting threads but how can I when they get deleted.


      So If anyone is unhappy with the decision to include the nuketown zombies with the season pass the day before release after it was excusive to special edition buyers then leave a short non abusive post.


      I am unhappy with this and would like to be compensated in some way.



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          Re: Dissapointed about HE thread.

          So you're not so much disappointed by the HE as you are disappointed that not only HE/CP buyers are getting Nuketown Zombies?


          I didn't pay extra because of Nuktown Zombies alone, I paid for the whole package. If you want to play it online, I can only see this move as a positive one as the (potential) playerbase will be larger.

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              Re: Dissapointed about HE thread.

              you would have saved money buying normal edition plus season pass instead of the HE i just feel cheated

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                Re: Dissapointed about HE thread.

                I knew NT2025 zombies would become available eventually, and I am still betting Nuketown 2025 will, too even though they have no plans to do so (bullpucky).  That being said, those maps were clearly and unmistakably marketed as bonus material to those preordering or buying the limited edition.  It is absolutely a bait and switch, as many people bought the limited just for the extra zombies map.  I bought limited MW3 just for the elite pass, I sure as hell don't care about it coming in a huge box for no reason.


                As for the preorder, I don't consider early access to one map a bonus worth preordering.  I preordered because I knew I'd be buying it, newegg had a discount, and now I don't have to go to a store.


                I didn't think one zombie map was worth $30 more, even if it meant I'd never see it, but they can't do business where only a tiny part of the community has access to a map.

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                Re: Dissapointed about HE thread.

                I am not happy that Nuketown Zombies will be released for general sale as the ONLY reason I bought the Hardened Edition was that myself and the rest of the world were under the impression that special editions were the only way to get this map. I did not want to pay £20 more for a camo and a emblem.


                IMO this has only been changed due to the parts of the Call of Duty community complaining that they didnt order the special editions.


                Yet again Treyarch has gave into the some complaining Call of Duty community, just like they did when they changed the Ghost perk and accomodated a certain playstyle.


                Thats my opinion.



                Smart arse remarks and flame below please.

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