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    All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

      So the game seems broken! There's a surprise, I have not known a Cod game on launch that hasn't been broken! It's mainly pc and ps3 mind you as it is a Microsoft owned company so it's never going to be as bad for Xbox.


      As a European I am pleased it's launched first on other consoles and also to the US market so the problems that will be there on wii u can be patched prior to release here on the 30th


      So for now sit back and watch the mayhem commence! Old smug David vanderheer or whatever his name is, no doubt is shuffling in his office seat having promised a great experience to all (just not now)


      Let's hope the wii u is fixed for launch with a patch waiting for us.

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          Re: All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

          I haven't been on the PS forums but have been keeping an eye on the xbox side, and for some, it appears to be a great game. There are mixed reactions of course, but the general feeling is good. There are a few complaints that the maps are insanely small, and spawn trapping is a problem, with spawn flips occuring to frequently too, but you'll get that anyway with people running around like headless chickens being all to keen to rank up fast and get a good kdr. But in general, people are praising this game as being one of the best, so, i'm looking forward to it, Puketown or not. Don't let 1 map being missing at launch discourage you, its all a big stupid fuss created by a small amount of ungrateful people who probably don't get to hear the word "no" very often.

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              Re: All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

              Hi farmer boy it does seem to be ps3 and Pc having the issues! well there is a surprise, just shows all efforts are put in to Xbox! if you just click on the forum button above it will take you to the main page! scroll down to the bottom and it shows all posts that are active on all platforms! as you will see most is ps3 and pc complaining!


              I have never known a COD not to be broken to some extent at launch, it was the case last year with Mw3 and the year before with black ops, we missed mw2!


              It would be a miracle if the Wii u launches without a hitch, fingers crossed and I very much look forward to it, just hope now it's released on activisions preferred console that we may now get more information and game play for the Wii U


              But i'm not holding out hope on that and we will get jack sh*t!!! and have to rely on people like conboy to post videos on release! i will miss release because i'm away

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              Re: All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

              Some people are already calling the game a write-off after 4 hours of playtime xD


              I think it's best to wait until the initial praisers/complainers are done and the real, unbiased reviews start coming in.

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                  Re: All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

                  same as every year! nothing changes on that front, I think some people expect miracles or dancing girls to come out of their console at launch!


                  it's always spoilt kids that moan! as a man getting on in his years and still playing video games I would love to point these moaners to the days of commodore and sinclair, atari etc so they can see what us kids had to play! but we loved it then!


                  These days people write off what is offered when really it is amazing what is done to today with tech! I say if you want more realism and your let down by shooting games, one answer! go sign up!!!!!!


                  Kids hey! they want it and they want it now, no issues, no sharing! and it was probably their mum or dad who stayed in line for 6 hours for them whilst the other rubbed their tummies at home.

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                  Re: All is not well over on the dark side!!!!

                  I can't even make it to the main game screen. Freezes before I can even get on the campaign. lol ridiculous

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