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    Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

      I'm not going to go on some demanding rant like some people already have on here. But I am going to express my disappointment in a game that so far, has fallen far short of expectations.


      First... the good points. The game itself is incredible. Graphically, it's very nice, and plays smoothly. IF you can play the game.


      First of all, issues with pre-loading. I preloaded the game, everything said ready to go, then at unlock time, it wound back my download, requiring me to have to re-download about 4gb of game data. Yes, I know about patching. No, it wasn't a patch. My preload was completed, on all three aspects of the game 11,836MB/11,836MB in the main game. Then back to 8GB/11.8GB. I'm not fussed about minor updates, that really doesn't phase me in the slightest. But having to redownload an entire chunk of the main game files makes no sense whatsoever.


      Second, matchmaking. It is buggy as anything, with complete inability to be able to actually form games with people you know. If you know more than six people at least. My clanmates and I enjoy playing games together (as most clans do), and we especially prefer to mix up teams a bit, so we aren't playing with the same players on our team game in, game out. We tried to start a lobby with one person, then have everyone join on them, but that one player instantly went into a game, leaving the others behind.


      Third. When one finally can get into a game, a good fifty percent of the time, and I'm probably understating, it seems to kick you from the server for no apparent reason.


      Fourth. Steam Authentication Failed. No License for Game. This game was purchased from the steam store. It is not some hacked copy, nor is it even purchased from a physical store. Prepurchased, downloaded and even previously played, from Steam. How is it even possible for me not to have a license for the game?


      Finally. The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer. Error Code (15). Now, I strongly doubt that Steam do not realise that the Call of Duty Series is one of the most, if not THE most popular franchise in gaming history. Forgive me for assuming too much perhaps, but I would have thought that Steam would have, and SHOULD have been prepared for the massive server load that this game would bring to their servers.


      Oh... and one more thing that I almost forgot. Four hardcore game types. Even Modern Warfare 3 had more than that. And they eventually had the good sense to add more, including a Moshpit. This is really really disappointing. There is a Moshpit for the Nuketown 2025 map. But nothing for either Core or Hardcore, and the only game types in Hardcore are Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag.


      Where is Headquarters, Kill Confirmed, Domination and the whole host of other game types?


      I am disheartened and disappointed that a game that has been purchased, with the money already in their hands, is completely, totally and utterly not ready for play. Between the matchmaking and game server issues, Steam download issues and Steam administration issues, this is what would be considered to be unacceptable.


      These issues require attention, before I, and others who share my opinions, demand refunds as the game is not a product that is able to be used for it's intended use.

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          Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

          If you look carefully HQ and domination are their in core.

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            Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

            Really now, after waiting 5 hours in the freezing ass cold to get a box copy of this game I'm STILL forced to dl 4.5 gigs of data? Are you serious? Are you really ******* serious?

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                Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                what do you expect.. a 400 mb download? noob.

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                  Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                  There is no HARD COPY; you just stood in the cold to buy a shortcut to steam.


                  Trust me I learned that the hard way when I went to buy Black ops: I was told they didn't have any PC disc; only Xbox, and PS. come back tomorrow.


                  went back got all happy, took the disc home; and what do you know? all it did was install steam...and downloaded the game. lol I could have saved a trip.  infact had I known about steam, and activision as I do now; I could have saved my money. but hey! enjoy your vanilla game.


                  I only really came here to find out I was right; in not spending my money on this...

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                  Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                  wow really, you piss and moan about those issues that have already been fixed.


                  That 4.5 gig download was probably a day one patch/update. all these physical copies are done a few weeks ago and bugs, errors, updates have been fixed etc since then.


                  For me i got two errors, restarted steam, got a 4mb patch. fixed.

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                    Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                    I preloaded from steam and had to download 100mb before I could start the game.

                    I guess steam found some corrupt files in your download an had to download them again.


                    If you don't want to team up and still play in same lobby, you can try to join a friend that is already in a lobby.


                    I played to level 18 and I haven't got any issues or errors. I got 4 bar connection every game and every player I played with or against had 4 bars.

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                      Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                      @gromit6909: Please read the original post before you reply. Makes you look a little foolish. Preloaded from Steam the day of release. Others that had preloaded had the same issue as I did, and others did not. Not to mention many of the issues still happen (getting kicked from games as soon as it loads, mostly).


                      @torskeye: Again, read the original post before you reply. We attempted to join on others in a lobby, but they were instantly placed into a game with others unable to join. Even when we attempted to start a game with 6 in a group already, additional persons were unable to join on them after the game was created. Always.


                      @dmxdex2020: A third time... read the original post. There is a Moshpit ONLY for the Nuketown 2020 map. Core does not have a moshpit, except Mercenary Moshpit (i.e. max party size of 1, no grouping for game), and Hardcore has only 4 game types listed. Core is softcore, and makes my brain bleed and my mouth say things that are somewhat unwholesome, as unloading a full clip into someone should not be required to make a single kill (yes, I am exaggerating, but in most cases one or two bullets will put just about anyone out of action, at least until they recieve medical attention).

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                          Re: Very Disappointed. In Treyarch and Steam.

                          The lack of game modes for hardcore is pathetic, as well as the Single game mode for Nuketown was rather upsetting as well since it was one of my favorite maps. What I really can't get is why they removed game types,well I have my speculations why (how else will they sell their DLC). I really wish one could choose to play a single map or have the ability to not play some maps, as I find them retarded!

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