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        80. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

        i play nothing but team deathmatch now but before mw3 all i would play was Domination. and u can go see my captures and all that on black ops or mw2. and i could get any flag i wanted by doing it smart and i could camp to make a great spawn point for my team.


        if all rush towards B and are way past a certain point, people start spawning behind you.


        i knew how far i could go and i couldnt go to far cus if i did, i'd make my team even more retarded spawning all over the place.  thanks to me, i made a great spawn point for my team to be close to B and also had a quick run back to A or C.


        there has to be different types of players even in objective games.  all cant be going for B cus then u'll lose A, then guess what, all run back to A and lose B. doesnt work like that.  all gametypes need what u all call "campers" maybe except Headquarters. 


        how are u gonna run around on SnD when u have an objective to take care of? then u get called a camper? lol


        3arc is getting annoying and making this game to easy for players.  what's the point in Ghost which basically lets u use camoflauge to not be seen by a uav but u have to be running with that camoflauge on so u dont get seen? that makes no sense...


        think about a sniper with camo in real life. it represents stealth (GHOST) get that sniper in afghanistan to start running around and u best believe he'll be visible.


        just stupid and starting to get like halo.


        reason i stopped playing halo was cus CoD was more life-life. but now its getting stupider than it already was.


        maybe on black ops 3 they'll only let u use extreme conditioning if u consume a bottle of water before u start running.

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          81. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

          SteadyCampin wrote:


          Ryan way to make yourself look like an ass... That's why I asked what are snipers suppose to do because you can't run and gun with them. Also why in ANY past cod would you have ran counter UAVs unless a) you were working on challenges or b) your a retard. You have in your 3 statements proved that ghost is broken right off the bat and needs to be fixed.

          You are...Cuav works for the whole team, yes in every COD. Yes, not everybody needs Ghost. They are not only handy for uav spam, they also work when people fire and of course blackbirds as they block the whole radar.


          Ghost is awesome like it's. SteadyCampin aka SteadyDyingInCorners.


          Also please blame me for "ruining" Ghost, I love the sweet tears. I among others made suggestions for them to alter Ghost to only working when people move as a flankers perk, 1-2 years ago on the blops forums. Happy Camping!

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            82. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

            I remember that thread, I am suprised that they did it that way though there were other ways they could have addressed the problem; but no matter its all good, new game= new way to learn to play. As it always should be.

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              83. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

              Lol yeah it was you.  Vahn made an entire perk and gameplay mechanic change because of that one thread two years ago.  Yup.


              Listen, Im amused by the flaming that goes on here, and not that I dont think that youre clever and all, you are, but the only, ONLY way you can seem like a real deluded poor soul on here is by insinuating that this forum and its threads actually change things. 


              Lets make it clear: unless youre optic or hastro or a big youtuber, vahn will not give two ****s about you, he will not read these posts on here, he will engage in about as much dialogue with you as bowling did, and he will not make changes based on what you personally think unless youre either anti-stealth and pro-QS, in which case you can pretend that it was you who changed his mind.


              Its like saying I wanted a black ops 2 two years ago, thats the reason we have this game today! 

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                84. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

                I'm not even sure if it was me who suggested moving for ghost to work first. I would have to look back at all the Threads Vahn made asking for feedback, he apparently doesn't want. I don't care enough.

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                  85. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

                  Me neither.  But you better thank me for telling vahn to make BO2!

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                    86. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

                    You will be ok with the new ghost! Just make sure your mobile when it's up. No big deal, unless your a hardcore camper.  Good luck! Lmao!

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                      87. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

                      For everyone saying that you need Ghost to camp or snipe seriously I am able to snipe with out Assassin or Ghost I also went 32-1 without using Assassin and I got two reapers. Also for you saying it isn't realistic well hate to break it to you this is an arcade shooter so jokes on you. For the people saying that Treyarch is dictating how you should play um no they aren't they are just changing the perk if anything you campers were dictating how people should play in MW3 with your constant complaining about everything runners n gunners used. Just be glad they aren't pulling a Homefront cause then it would be even harder to camp. Ghost is fine the way it is so deal with don't like it stay in MW3 cause no one wants a camper who complains just to benefit them in their game anyways.  Seriously Treyarch if you cater to the campers like Infinity Ward did I am never getting Call of Duty again. A lot of you campers cry and complain more then any other player. MW3 is a fine example of your complaining you complained about anything that hindered or killed you. Learn to adapt campers cause seriously if I see Treyarch taking anything out of game that helps Runner n gunners I will know it was the campers who complained about it. Here are some examples of your complaints in and before MW3 Marathon, Lightweight, Dead Silence, Assassin, ALL explosives, replenishable tactical and lethal grenades, Support Killstreaks, Shotguns, Smgs, Snipers, Stalker, Tactical Insertion, Quick Scoping, and the list gets larger every day. Whats sad is you go into these forums and tell people to learn to adapt when you can't even adapt yourselves. Learn to adapt campers see I used your slogan against you again. What's even sadder is the second runner n gunners learn to adapt you go back into these forums and complain yet again. This is a tactical player telling you this by the way which sad cause I use anything I think is going to help me win or have fun. I am not a runner n gunner or a camper I am a tactical player so there is nothing bias here just  countless observations here.

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                        88. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...

                        SteadyCampin wrote:


                        Before all the bashing starts I'm not whining or crying just stating facts. This perk has been in every cod since mw and has always worked well, yes it was way over powered in blop 1. But the issue was not that people weren't showing up it was that it was also blind eye which made it over powered and over used. There have always been perks or ways to get around ghost to make it balanced. Like in mw3 you could have ghost or quick draw ghost give you the element of surprise and quick draw give you an upper hand in CQC. With this said how are we suppose to not be exposed by the UAVs unless we're running around like chickens with their heads cut off seems stupid and unreasonable. All they did was make the game even more noob friendly and how will this effect snipers because you can't run and gun with those.


                        I don't think this this change the game as much as your think it will.  Generally when people camp they are not perfectly stationary. 

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                          89. Re: Thanks for ruining ghost...


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