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    The "Big Day"

      Hello all, just wanted to send out my regards on the eve of release.


      We've spent months debating, arguing, and guessing what is to come, and tomorrow all of us will know. It's been a little bit disappointing this year with so many people getting it early, kind of ruins that release day feel. I personally have avoided coming on this past week to avoid spoilers and because I don't want my expectations set for me by someone who didn't have the courtesy to follow the rules and get the game on release day.


      A couple of my hopes for the game, beyond the gameplay.


      1) Fair Play- Play how you want, but play within the rules and spirit of the game. Leave the hacking, modding, whatever else behind. Play the objective, and if you play a team-based mode avoid selfish play and work with your teammates.


      2) Try something new- One of the things that wears CoD out quickly is seeing the same thing game after game. They have given us a crazy loadout system, experiment, try new guns, try different equipment, or pick something that will challenge you. Don't camp in the same spot on a map every time. Try different play styles, different game modes.


      3) Remember it's supposed to be fun... for you and for the other people in the lobby.  Keep the trolling and other immature, crass behavior to a minimum. You want to do it, do it in a Private Lobby with friends... the rest of us aren't amused.


      4) Constructive, not destructive Forum Posts. There is going to be problems with this game, there always is with any Online game. We're all going to have complaints and praise, that goes without saying. Got a complaint? Explain what it is in rational terms. Provide proof if possible using the Theater Mode and Video upload. Maybe even offer up possible solutions for the problem. Also have the sense to know that what may be an issue for you may not be an issue for everyone, and keep an open mind if people disagree. Same goes with praise... it doesn't do any of us any good if you say how great something is without telling us why. I've discovered some excellent aspects of the game on here because of people posting some very helpful threads.


      These are just a few of my hopes for the game and the future of the forums over the next few weeks and months.


      I am looking forward to getting my copy Tuesday and jumping right in. I've enjoyed the discussion on here and look forward (and, yes, dread in some cases) to carrying it on once we all have gotten some play time under our belts.


      Have fun, and happy gaming!