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    Let's look out for each other - PSN names.

      Just thought it would be fun with the game just 3 hours away from release in the UK and 8 or so away in the USA/Canada if we knew who we all were in game.


      If anyone wants to post their PSN names, we'll know if we bump into each other in games or can even get some parties together.


      My PSN is Gouldberg (same as my forum name) and I'll probably be around in Ground War and the new 4 team DeathMatch.


      Feel free to add me and/or post your PSN on here. See you online in 3 (queue size and server depending) hours time!


      (P.S - Apologies if there is already something similar on here, I'm pretty sure the MW3 section had one but couldn't spot on here after a very brief browse).