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        I'll laugh when you die from fall damage and get booed from the lobby for humiliating yourself. If you hit me, expect a ban.

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          iSJx wrote:


          Why would we take the time to pick out a target and take an unnecessarily long time to kill someone when we can just quickscope you? Besides, hearing people like you rage at the ignorance of your own mediocre level of skill is amusing.


          Whenever I play normally with an AR or SMG against QSers I almost always beat them with ease. Stop trying to find things to complain about just because you're mad and can't accept that maybe the problem is with you.


          If it's the unrealistic side of things you don't like about QSing then play BF3. Cod is far from realistic in more ways than just QSing.

          exactly couldn't agree more... im a real good quickscoper but put an SMG or AR in my hands and its a completely different story, the game becomes to easy and get boring fast... the only reason I snipe in cod is because its far more challenging going positive with a sniper then with an SMG or AR.


          I still have yet to see anyone that constantly complains about how its all a exploit and easy to do post any gameplay of them just picking it up and dominating a game.  I am positive that no one has ever said "Damn my shots off i cant hit anything with this SMG, let me go back to my sniper". Thats just rediculous.

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            Not hard genius; then again, you've walked on your aim assist crutch for so long it's a wonder if you could even stand.

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              It's funny when you get a couple nice snipes on a kill cam all the punks complain you are hard-scoping....COD in general is hilarious!!!



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                You know whats even funnier (and by funny i mean smh)?  Vahn, in the IGN livestream, actually yelled "hardscoper! get good son!"


                This speaks volumes about what cod players and its devs have devolved into more than anything else.

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                  from what i understand qs is like bop 1 with out the bounce zoom in to quick your bullet is off shoot to fast it flys off some where else i herd that from about 20 people im sure 3arc will patch it soon like they did in bop 1 it took them afew months to put qs down to a min i kind of like playing bop1 every noob in the world wasnt runing around with a sniper and one hitting every one im positive 3arc will break qs in bop 2 like they did in one

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                    Haha...I watched the stream but didn't catch that!!!


                    Pretty typical though....honestly I don't really care because it's all laughable and I can carry on without getting all bent out of shape.


                    Most of these punks are way worse than me anyway....I take pride when they leave the lobby!

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                      Nice post braaaaaaaaaaaaah.......back to grade 3 for you #ragequit

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                        I agree with you.  Where's James Cameron?  We need him to raise the bar. 

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                          you sound butthurtkid umad  ??

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