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    WTF did they do to hit detection...or is the ACOG a penalty for snipers?

      I can't tell if it's lag or if this broken POS game just got worse, but I almost ripped the disc out of the PS3 tonight and threw it in the garbage. I've given up on ever having a good k/d over 1.00 with the way the lag constantly screws me in this game, but was starting to have fun by trying new weapon combos and stuff I never used before when I actually tried to do well in the game. One of the fun guns I'd been using was the MSR with an ACOG scope, at least until the last couple of nights.


      WTF did they do to hit detection? I swear you get penalized for using an ACOG with a sniper rifle. I can hit anybody above the waist with normal scoped MSR and it's one hit kill EVERY ****ing time! Yet I toss the ACOG on there, hit them center of mass or dead in the chest and I'm lucky if I even get a hit marker. Best example was the other team got a juggernaut tonight, I sit there and pump 5-6 rounds into him center of mass while he's lumbering down the hallway and I got maybe 2 hit markers if even that. Another guy I shot twice in the head and once above the waist and then he kills me with a ****ing mp9 from prone. Just unreal.