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    Sponsored BO2 Elite Clan Recruiting: Vae Victus Gaming. Get PAID to play BO2!


      Hello! I am recruiting for a newly established Elite clan for the PS3 called Vae Victus Gaming. Vae Victus is latin for "suffering to the vanquished." TeamVvG is sponsored by a corporation called SNS Services Group LLC, who will be providing weekly $20 cash prizes for clan operation performance and in clan competitions. What is better than getting paid to play Call of Duty....?


      This clan has been established to bring together dedicated, competitive COD players for the purpose of developing bonds that transcend gaming, as well as decimating any and all BO2 opposition. The foundation of Team VvG is built to rapidly adapt to all that BO2 throws at us with the intelligent use of communication, organization, and skill.


      TeamVvG was founded by the former Captain and Clan Ops Coordinator of Team mKs. With about 20 former mKs members on the current roster, this team knows what it takes to build a champion caliber clan from the ground up having seen it first hand with mKs.


      Communication and organization will be an essential aspect of the clan's success, so all members are asked to join the facebook group and register on the website. Facebook adds a personal aspect to the clan and allows for easy communication between members.


      Competition aside, this clan is being built to be a fun, drama free group. Team VvG does not operate like your average big corporate clan. The goal is to ensure that all members feel like integral parts of the community, where all opinions and ideas coalesce to shape the direction and identity of the clan. There are many great COD clans to choose from, so, why VvG? Take a look at some of the unique and distinguishing benefits available to VvG members:


      -Meet a variety of like-minded COD players

      -Develop relationships with clan members that transcend gaming through the use of our website and facebook group

      -Win $20 weekly cash prizes provided by our sponsor for BO2 Clan Op performance

      -Be an integral part of a group to which you belong

      -Fill one of our many available leadership positions

      -Play COD with incredibly skilled and active members of the community

      -Access to both individual and collective Clan Operation Statistics (explained in detail below)

      -Increase your personal COD statistics and further develop your skill by consistently playing with other Elite players

      -Quickly learn and master the nuances of Black Ops 2

      -Help develop, learn, and utilize successful Clan Operation strategies

      -Be part of a team that has the ability to actually WIN Clan Operations

      -Experience the thrill of competition and MLG success on our Game Battles.

      -Partake in frequent Clan Battles against other competitive Elite clans.

      -Earn the respect, notoriety, and often, ignorant hate garnered by a powerhouse COD clan

      -Access to support from other clan members when attempting challenges and competitions


      If you have any interest in joining TeamVvG, or would just like to learn a little more, please check out our website at http://TeamVvG.com and apply.


      Thank you all for your time!


      Website: http://TeamVvG.com

      Twitter : @VaeVictusGaming

      Facebook: TeamVvG


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