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        10. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

        The games not even officially out yet maybe you should wait until after release before you fully judge it based on MP. Not many people are playing yet so you're going to get in a lot of laggy games connected to hosts really far away. As for your own host, maybe you're not a reliable host connection wise but the game chose you b/c lack of reliable hosts (considering not many people are online yet). Just my two cents. I'll give it a few weeks before I judge if this game sucks or not.

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          11. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

          OK I am not going to flame you at all.  I also have the game, I am now level 46 and my stats are well below MW3, and I acknowledge encountering some of the issues you point out. 


          I agree some of the spray instakills seem insane, and some of the connections are horrible so far, BUT there are a couple things to remember:


          1.  90% of current players online are big Youtubers and beasts, there are a TINY number of the bad players you will encounter entire lobbies of starting tommorow.  I agree almost noone is getting high streaks in the games I have played but it's because of the competition.  When I can look for a random game, and end up on a team with xJawz & FearHozz, with snipers from Optic and Feat and TMartn on the other team, you know it's not going to be typical.  And I keep running into the same people, pros, clans, and Youtubers. 


          2.  Related to above, obviously connections aren't ideal, many of the people I am being matched with are not near me, and many times across the country or even ocean.  I assume this has an impact on my perception of killtimes, etc.  I agree I have been instakilled so fast so many times, then watched in disgust as I got 10 hitmarkers in someone's back and they turned around and killed me in 2 bullets.  If this keeps up, it's bad - but we need to give it a chance post-release when we are being matched with better pings. 


          3.  Spawns seem weird to me as well, I could be wrong but I believe they always spawn 1 team at A and one at C in Dom no matter what, and many times I would die at C with half the enemy team there and keep spawning in the same exact spawn point.  It seems a bit off, but we need to give the devs time, and I also need more experience to understand it before I bash it,


          Conclusion:  I hear you, but wait until general public is playing, and you have given it more of a chance, before you bash it. 

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            12. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

            Why don't you wait until the game is at defcon 5? It's a bit premature to write the game off already. I find it tough sometimes at the start when I don't know the map layouts, guns, class setups and what to expect from other players when the release is just out. What about league play that should match you with higher skilled players and be a challenge since you find the game too easy. Or have you tried out hardcore mode or a different playlist away from your comfort zone yet?


            If it's just no fun for you then fair enough but still I find it a premature statement for online play.

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              13. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

              ^ What this guy said.


              This post sums up the whole community in my view. Absolutely no regard is held for the quality of opposition. Players are so used to doing everything possible to falsely inflate their KD's that they actually get an inflated view of their own ability.


              OP, you appear to be a good player and you know what.... I believe you. However, theres plenty of players out there who are JUST AS GOOD (believe it or not.) And you know what? A very high proportion of those players are playing the game at the same time you were.


              Im sure some of the faults you express are valid but Id also bet you a million that everybody else is also having the same problems.


              Why does everyone who plays CoD think nobody is even close to their level?

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                14. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                most ppl thinking its mw3 can rush everything with no tatic

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                  15. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                  I think you need to give it time. With so few playing online at the moment, you might not be getting ideal lobbies for connection.


                  This post also sounds like a broken record from 1 year ago when Mw3 came out.

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                    16. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                    I'll judge for myself come Tuesday evening. Or whenever I get a chance to play it.

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                      17. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                      OK , maybe i did come here on a bit of a Rage Rant but after MW3 I was really hoping it would be so much better, honestly, as it stands I really cant see myself enjoying it ,

                      I am going to give it another try, after launch just to reasure myself of my thoughts but honstly , the faults I seen didnt have anything to do with connection, player skill or lag


                      Im really am gutted about it but hey, always next years to look forward to lol !

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                        18. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                        ok lets say what your sayingis true, then whast the differenc efrom BO2 and MW3, all you saw was spray and pray, spawn killing noobs pading their kd, thinking their good because they can put a claymore on an enemy spawn.. if what your saying is true, then id rather play B02 at least these noobs cant spam high kill streaks

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                          19. Re: So so so dissapointed with Blackops 2

                          you just made me LOL with that last sentence

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