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    Will you still play?

      With BOps II coming out tonight are you still going to be jumping on MW3 from time to time or are you going to shelf it for a while?

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          It's already pretty much been shelved by myself and a majority of those I play with.  For me Boarderlands II marked the end of MW3.  I have played a few rounds here and there, but once Halo came out, there was literally nobody on FL that was playing this game.


          I suspect that I might not get back on this game for a very long time.  I'd like to say that I will miss it, but I think I would be lying.

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            It'll sit on the shelf until the challenges and ops start back up.  My clan wants to finish getting to lvl 50 and we only need 5.5 levels to get there.  The rest of my time will be spent on BO2.  My only regret is that they waited so long to release the last DLC for the PS3.  I've really enjoyed playing those maps and a month just wasn't enough time to enjoy them properly before BO2 came out.  I actually got my first and likely to be my only MOAB on Parish over the weekend in the only match that I played that day where I didn't lag up.  Now I can move on to BO2 without feeling like I missed out on part of MW3.

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              I feel like somehow i will still come back MW3 and play it. Like what i did with Black Ops and MW2... It really depends on the output of the game on PC. Gosh the first Black Ops on PC was horrible.

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                After now playing BO2, I am almost certain I'll be coming back....my goodness, the sounds in that game are horrible and generic as hell, all the weapons sound almost identical, in mw3 you hear a gun firing you know exactly what it is, and In BO2 I have already been, commando knife lunged, quickscoped, had someone spawn 10 feet behind me, been killed around corners, been 'insta killed', the hitmarker routine is lacking to say the least, no sound at all that I am aware of, spent 10 minutes sitting in pregame lobby with 12 players reading a screen saying waiting on more players to join (12 man game mode!!), and so on and so forth.....MW3 is looking better at the moment