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    Endless time until kill!?

      Hey guys ´n girls,


      I´ve received my BO2 now - and I´m slightly dissapointed and shocked!

      Does anyone of you have the same feeling than me, that it takes three times the time to kill someone than in MW3?

      I´ve shot 6 rounds into someones back with the Five-Seven from a distance less than 3-6 Meters - and he was easily running away!

      I´ve been in front of one enemy 2 meters in away - and shot over 10 rounds into his body until he fell and score-points were displayed.

      I used a Assault-Rifle...

      I´ve tried a 3-Round-Burst Assault Rifle...and hit some one more than 8 times around 30 meters away - until he escaped!!


      My NAT is open, my PING is around 30ms - and I´ve got 4/4 green connection bars...

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          Re: Endless time until kill!?

          Oh geez guys, here we go again.


          OP: you are one of only a few hundred people who actually have the game.  So you tell me, do you think this game should play perfectly with a player pool of 300 people spread out across the entire planet?!?!?  Take a chill pill.  Relax, go play Combat training or the Campaign.  Once other people get online that are actually close to your "locale" then I'm sure things will change. 


          Again OP, chill the F out. 

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              Re: Endless time until kill!?

              300 People? You´re kidding me!

              When I´ve been online on Saturday the whole online-Gaming was totally crowded!

              There´ve been thousands of players online - I guess!


              Anyway: I just asked a question. Nothing more, nothing less!

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                  Re: Endless time until kill!?

                  That's fine in all, except for the fact that CoD has a player population in the millions and, you say there are thousands online, and you still expect to have a good game??


                  The answer to your question sir, is NO.  No one has the same feeling as you b/c more than 75% of the people here online on this forum have not played this game yet.


                  Ask your questions again tomorrow and maybe you'll get a better answer. 

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                  Re: Endless time until kill!?

                  Game isn't location based, it's connection based matchmaking now

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                  Re: Endless time until kill!?

                  That's exactly why I play Hardcore. You have to worry about getting killed quickly, but killing people feels natural instead of overkill.


                  I think MW3 got Core right, just 2x bullets to kill as Hardcore...not Halo-ish entire clip kills.

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