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    Anyone else been hacked?

      My son got his own profile, and played yesterday with som friends.

      They got into a lobby with several other players, and one of them called himself "thekingofhighley" or something like that.

      My son got a mail from him on psn where he rote that he is going to hack and take his profile....and so he did.


      I wrote a mail to PSN hoping they can do something about it.


      Anyone else who have experienced this?


      I am sick and tired of all those hackers and cheaters out there...


      Mw2...hacked, Black ops....hacked, MW3....hacked, and now Black ops II leaked out before time..I gess i can expect hackers there also when i buy it next week.?


      There MUST be something Treyarch/InfinityWard can do about this??!!  It can't go on like this? This takes the fun out of the game totaly.

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          He hacked your sons profile? What did he do? This is the first I've heard of account hopping on PS3. If he was able to hack your sons profile, what could he modify on his own profile? Maybe hackers can put the Damage proficiency on their MP7s too...I guess when I keep getting insta-killed, the lag isn't really to blame.

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              First, there is no hacking of accounts. What there is, is people giving out account information then accusing them of hacking. If your son did not give out ANY personal information or account information I would not worry about it.

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                He just took his profile, and he is now playing with that profile. The hacker to my son's profile around 1:45 am last night. And the hacker have now gone prestige 4 times with his profile in under 24 hours..??? How is that even possible??


                I give up.. there will always be cheaters in gaming.. that's just the way it is i gess.

                Realy a shame, because the fun of gaming goes away.

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                I have to say, I don't think your son has been hacked. Infact. I don't think your son exists in this sense. I think you're someone who got upset by a -"cheater"- and so you want to cull up trouble against them. But that's just what I think. Now, in the event this "son" does exist, and he met this "cheater" and this "cheater" messaged him with all of this. It's like mwfan55 said. There's no hacking, there is people giving out their account information, that they get warned from doing, all the time. So, if he gave away his account. I'm sorry. And, learn from it.

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                    My son do exsist. And he and some friends played black ops yesterday evening. And then someone like "thekingofhighley" joind the the lobby.. My son and their friends had never heard of the guy. They played for a while before they got a mail from the guy that said he was going to hack and take their profile.. Couple of minutes later he did.

                    My son got a mail from PSN that said he had changed his profile.

                    He then wrote a mail to PSN and explained that he had been hacked. Still waiting for an answer.


                    My son and 3 of his friends have lost their profile. And of cause they heavent told this guy anything about their profile..So this is real.. And i have heard of this before.


                    I know this sounds unreal, but it's true, belive it or not.


                    I hear all the time online that the lobby is hacked.? I've also seen people have over 80 kills and died under 5 times in a domination match on mw3. That is NOT possible without hacking/cheating. Take a look on youtube. Many out there are using hacks and cheats.

                    And yes, this is pissing me off big time, cause this is distroying the game and the fun of playing the Call of Duty series for us who are deasent players who does this for fun.

                    We don't stand a chance against those who cheat..

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                        Still sounds unreal, sorry man.

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                          80 kills and under 5 deaths is doable in dom lobby, and yes i have heard of people hacking others accounts and deleting or stealing.  However to actually hack someones profile without there details would take commitment, you may want to look at your internet security, i have had several people message me offering cheats for mw3, all they need are my details to log in and transfer the cheats.  Lol to that cause i hate cheats, so rather than piss off a potential hacker i respectfully decline quoting fear of a ban.  perhaps your son isnt telling you the whole truth?

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                            What really happened is this and your son is just a liar, most likely due to piss poor parenting (please take offense to this as thats what it was meant for) is that said "hacker" told your sone and friends that he could leveling them really fast , but they had to give him their info.  They then in turn gave said hacker their PSN info like the little inbreeds im sure they are.  Now the "hacker" has changed the password and your kid (who shouldnt be playing online without your direct supervision in the first place) is now upset and is lying to you to cover up the fact that he was the one planning to cheat by having this "hacker"  level him fast. So he in turn claimed he was hacked.


                            Oh by the way you can name and shame its against forum rules.

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                          MW3 is dead, the game, leaderboards, weapons, kill streaks everything is hacked. Infinityward dont give a sh*t or they would have responded or replied to the hundreds of topics on here.

                          The latest cash cow of BO2 is out so your waisting your time. Either accept you now have to camp and shoot someone 4 times to kill them or sell the game.

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                              80-5 is definitely possible without cheating...ive had many 75-10 type games and i dont hack....im not even the best player out there, probably in the top 20 percent of players but not the best. If you know what your doing yout can get 70+ kills sometimes. Watch jnasty. He doesnt cheat, he may have help from teammates but he doesnt cheat and drops multiple moabs often, markofj drops 80-100 kills as well and he deosnt cheat. They just know the spawn patterns on gamemodes and take advantage of it. (albeit its normally against horrible players) They don't post gameplay against good players beause they cant do the same. The point is that you can get that many kills, particularly if your decent and get in a lobby of scrubs.

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                              One of our clan members just had his account hacked as well. So i believe it. I know he hasnt given out any info, lucky for him he got it back pretty quick. He said he got into one of those lobbys with guys getting ridiculous points per kill and backed out when he realized it. Then not to long after, his account was hacked.

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                                  DRIVR777 wrote:


                                  One of our clan members just had his account hacked as well. So i believe it. I know he hasnt given out any info, lucky for him he got it back pretty quick. He said he got into one of those lobbys with guys getting ridiculous points per kill and backed out when he realized it. Then not to long after, his account was hacked.

                                  Thats pretty serious, I hope guys reported it?

                                  How the hell could they get the account info?

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                                      I am not a tech head......but hacking an a account would not be that hard, all you would need is an email address......then the password, with elite being tied to the game the hack could start from the elite service, since a lot of people will probally use the same login info on elite that they use on the PS3......... now just meeting someone in a lobby and have them to say i am going to hack you....while not impossible it is not that apt to happen........ I do some website work (learned myself how to do it) and i constantly have to keep an eye out for hackers trying to do stuff on the server end of my site........but i would say 95% of the account hacks start off with someone telling someone else what there email address is and a thrid party overhearing it...........

                                      My advise to anyone on the PSN would be to


                                      1 set up an email address just for  PSN and not use it else where

                                      2 use a STRONG password.....not just phrases like "killer"  "gamer" ect...... try someing using  symbols Caps and numbers, the more complicated it is the better it is and makes it harder to hack


                                      while this will not make you hack proof it will put you in a more secure position against it happening

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                                        I'm sorry to say that it's good to hear that other has experienced the same thing.


                                        The bottom line her is that something has to be done about this problem. InfinityWard and Trayarch has a resposability to do something about this.

                                        There's GOT to be something they can do? They sertanly need's to put some efford into this, and do something about it.



                                        Thank you for taking time to discuss this problem. Hopefully InfinityWard and Trayarch take this seriusly and puts and end to this.

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                                            Make sure that you don't have any credit card information tied to any of the accounts on your PS3.  The sub accounts can access the master account when making purchases.  I learned that one the hard way.

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                                              I can't belive people are calling you a lier they act as if CoD is Inpossible to Hack

                                              Just a bunch of Fanboys man thinking that CoD is always perfect


                                              Prayers go to you and your son hopefully you can get out of this situation in a Good way.

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                                                  Thank you Elite-Rebel-XX.


                                                  I'm thinking that it is important for us who experiance any form for cheating and hacking to speak up, and get it out in the open that we don't aprove sutch actions. If InfinityWard and Trayarch want us to keep playing their games, they have to do something about it, and put an end to this.


                                                  The truth is that i love the call of duty series, so i have to buy it . But the cheaters and hackers take all the fun out of the game.

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                                                      See this is exactly why I don't buy it. I'm sorry, if you have a son who has been hacked. But I still have to insist, you actually talk to him about this, and make sure he didn't give out any kind of information. It's not "just" about Trayarch/InfinityWard and their ability to conduct security. And it's not a fanboy issue, I think some of the problems these people have are rediculously stupid. But, If your son had been ligitly 'hacked' and his account actually taken. Either he would have had to of had an extremely easy password (and this can often be true aswell) or he gave out his password information. Otherwise, lets assume he had actually been "hacked".  That's not a Trayarch/InfinityWard problem. Because that account ties into the PSN account. Now, which is more likely?


                                                      An intruder went the ten mile, to steal your sons password. And I believe (atleast I certainly hope so) that after recent problems they have really buckled down on security. So go through all that for his password?




                                                      An intruder sent a message to your son saying "I can help you prestige instantly, I just need your account information" or (and I've seen this one floating around) "I'm (insert representitive icon here) and I'm offering you a $150 game card, I just need to know your account information" And your son read one of these messages and then gave out his information trying to get something for free, or he had an easily accessible password that someone could guess like something in his username?


                                                      Now if your son has legitly been hacked. What are you doing complaining about it on here? Go contact Playstation immediately and stay on them, until they do something about it.