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    3'volution clan - PS3 Adult clan 18+ [3'vo]

      We play every night and are a fairly close clan of ADULT gamers. We only accept people who are 18+.

      We play MW2, BO, FIFA11, BFBC2, FIFA 12, MW 3, BF3 and soon Fifa 13, Dust 514 and Black ops 2 (on order)

      We don't have levels for people to be at, we play for fun and win for fun.

      We don't use in game comms due to the amount of kids. Instead we use Team speak. Most PS3 headsets will work and it is easy to set up, better quality and we have our own dedicated channels for our Clan.

      We are a English speaking clan with members from Holland, Scotland, Wales, England, USA, Canada to name a few.


      So only rules -

      • must speak English
      • must use Teamspeak
      • must be over 18