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    Gamestop Tournament Monday sign up prior 9pm confusion

      Ok so I got a text today at around 16:45 instructing me to do the following:


      Gamestop:COD BO2 avail 12:01am Tue, 30% trade bonus, Midnight purchases require check-in at register prior to 9pm


      I went to my local gamestop to pay the rest of my purchase on my pre-order when I got there there was a sign outside on door-(Tournament Moday sign up prior 9pm). I went in and asked the person when a good time to come in tomorrow would be and the gamestop clerk said did you sign up?


      I was like no. He then said oh we are full right now. you can't sign up. I'm like wtf when is a good time to be here? Oh around 9pm and 12 the gamestop employee said.  These idiots that work at gamestop are way to brain dead and mislead you.  That's all I have to say about that idiot. I guess I will if I do go to the midnight release I will be there before 9pm. If not then I will just wait later that tuesday and walk in and get it. Hope someone learns from this.