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        10. Re: The end of the road :(

        Best of luck beast. But I am going to add, you'll probably regret your decision. I believe you have prematurely blown your whole wad without knowing what you could have had.


        You're right, we don't know what's going on with the WiiU, but you only had to wait until Sunday to find out. But that's not my problem.


        Have fun on the sexbox.

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          11. Re: The end of the road :(

          When you look at it this way, who's really at fault here? Nintendo doesn't like bringing their costumers half assed content. That's why every mario game, every zelda game you see is planned years ahead, years of development. Nintendo is about quality. In a way, the Wii was the best. Nobody treats nintendo better than nintendo and their first title games were great (though some were not....*cough* mario sports *cough* mario party *cough..chokes*). There were some great 3rd party titles too...no more heroes..mad world..okanami...okami?..but then people started using the wii for something it wasn't meant to do. The wii was never meant for CoD..sure, the controls are PERFECT for a FPS, but nintendo never really thought mindless shooting would be something we would want to do. The Wii U is nintendo's way of saying "now we have HD graphics and an online ma thingy, are you happy now?". But no. People are not happy. Why? Because they want answers. Guess what Fred(imma call you fred, you don't deserve to be called beastblood anymore), the PS3 doesn't get any answers either and the PC community have been screwed over for a while now. Wii(lol) are not the only ones getting screwed over because activision is in love with microsoft. Nintendo doesn't want that kind of treatment for us....they don't want evil activision giving us the second-class citizen treatment...but alas, people do want to be treated as second-class citizens. Nintendo had to give in. But wait....now people want more? WHAT THE *****. Aren't you spoiled  enough? Not only do you get to play this game you wanted on the console of preference, now you want more? A map that's probably not even going to be that good? A map that is already on the disc, but because Activision loves the $$, its a preorder exclusive. Seriously...Activision is starting to piss me off (padiego, you're going off topic, padiego staph, you were hating on fred, padiego staph!). Nintendo does all it can for us. Its up to the developers to do as they please. See, this is why we can't have good movies anymore. Everything has to please the mindless audience that will pay $$$ to get in. That's why the new Star Trek movie appealed to the general audience and didn't have much to offer to trekkies other than confusion. This is why the new star wars movie is probably going to be a big hit in the box office, but a disappointment in my heart. What was I talking about again?

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            12. Re: The end of the road :(

            This is why we can't have nice things!!!



            but seriously, diego, I'm a trekkie and I love the new star trek movie. What are you smoking!? all the other trekkies that I know as well at the very least enjoyed the new twist to the old star trek idea...

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              13. Re: The end of the road :(

              You were talking about breaking into college dorms and stealing underwear.


              On a serious note paddy, you have a good point. Nintendo always gives us the full experience of games out of the box. With people whining about getting DLC only makes developers half ass a game (mw3) just so they can make you pay more for the full experience.


              I'm glad we have a company like Nintendo who won't be kicked around by a publisher who wants to make money. At the end of the day, Nintendo is about giving you a great experience with their console/games and will even go to the point of selling at a loss so everyone can enjoy. Unlike publishers who will deliberately leave crucial things out of a game to make more money.

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                14. Re: The end of the road :(

                Enjoy playing this game on your shitbox I hate seeing shitbox averts all the time and I be happy when the next call of duty comes out becuse the contract will be over and what would you do if Nintendo had a contact to have all footege and DLC I WILL STICK BY NINTENDO

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                  15. Re: The end of the road :(

                  Cool Story bro, tell it again.


                  It all boils down to preference dude. Dont hate on other consoles or we'd be no better that those PS360 players.

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                    16. Re: The end of the road :(

                    I still wonder if he is just trolling or rick rolling you all.  


                    One thing blood, I can tell you from experience.  Is learning the analogs is going to be painful.  I'm not sure what kind of player you are, but get ready to eat alot of humble pie.  And no offense against the xbox players, but it has ALOT of campers.  There are alot of really really good players on the xbox (not that there aren't on the wii, but I'm just sayin).  Maybe you'll do great, I on the other hand still get my butt kicked.  But I don't play for stats, etc... I play to have fun...Not competative at all unless I am giving one of my clanmates some trouble, which is really all in fun.  I switched to the box simply because of the hacking (and there were other reasons within our clan). 


                    I do find it humourous though...we get po'd at how the other console's are always giving us crap, but we do the same thing...lol


                    Oh well, just have fun people...that's what it's all about, no matter what console you play. 


                    "can't we all just get along?"

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                      17. Re: The end of the road :(

                      Id like to say (and i speak among real gamers) nobody cares.  Take your modded controller, hack fest 7 year old system with you.  Silly child.

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                        18. Re: The end of the road :(

                        I'd have chosen a PS3 instead... but anyways, xbox360 controller is cool, I've been using it with my pc, even though I got literally r@ped while playing counter strike global offensive with it... It is a cool controller, but wont ever offer the same experience as the wii mote does (with shooters)

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                          19. Re: The end of the road :(

                          He is such a troll that he can't help but troll himself. I've lost count of the number of times he's done this. Each time it seems convincing, but he always returns. He's addicted to Nintendo. :O

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