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    more hc game modes?

      I have seen the streams online, but they are only in core. Are their going to be more game modes in HC, BLOPS1 was pretty horrible.


      Also, I searched for it but couldnt find anything that had confirmation that in HC, there isnt going to be tubes.


      Any help will be appreciated

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          Re: more hc game modes?

          Nope probably the same as before, not really a big enough reason for them to add more hc lists. and why would the tubes not be in hc. they have been allowed in hc in every other game. Just because you do not like people using them does not mean they do not require skill to use effectively. Plua hardcore is not really that skillful of a game mode either, just an easier one because of less life. Really the names are backward and hardcore should be soft core, and core should be core. there is nothing really hard about hard core at all.

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              Re: more hc game modes?

              So you think Core is a skillful game mode? Yeah taking a whole clip of bullets is so realistic. Please dude Core isnt even close to what a game should be. Tubes are worthless. Standing all the way across a map and shooting doesnt take skill. Core you get a map up that shows you where people are when they shoot unless they have silencer. HC you actually have to get a UAV to see people.

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              Re: more hc game modes?

              The hardcore modes that you can play are :


              - Team Deathmatch

              - Free for All

              - Search and destroy

              - Capture the flag.


              But hopefully TA will add more soon.


              And Trialstar : Why the trolling on HC? Do you really mean that a game mode where you have constant UAV, extra health, and other crutches to help you along the way, to be the most skillfull mode?

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                  Re: more hc game modes?

                  I can't believe there's no HC Domination.


                  And Core doesn't give you constant UAVs. I actually find HC to be a lot easier , because i'll just run around with a rapid fire + extended mag smg with Steady Aim and hipfire my way to victory. All my friends hate it because they think it's hard, but I get a lot more kills in HC.

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                      Re: more hc game modes?

                      Yeah, sorry there, should have said constant mini-map.


                      The game all over is actually good, but the absence of HC HQ and Domination ruines it for me.

                      Team Campmatch just gets boring after a couple of rounds.

                      SnD has also turned into campfests in the latest couple of games.

                      Capture is the same.


                      The good part about HQ and Domination is the fact that camping doesnt have such a impact on how the game flows and play.

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                      Re: more hc game modes?

                      That is horrible that there is no HC Dom, why they cant give people that play HC the same playlist as Core is beyond me. We get 4 options as opposed to how many in Core? 8? 9? Treyarch better make some fixes to that.

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