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    Renegade Elite clan

      Renegade Elite is a PS3 exclusive clan currently accepting members from America and Europe on Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 13.


      The clan was created to be a friendly gaming community, where new friends can be found and where a team of players who like to game for fun and as a team can work together to win. We also provide an extensive website that gives our member’s access to a Chat Room and a wide range of forums that we use to interact with each other about everyday life as well as suggesting gaming tactics.


      All we ask from you:

      You respect others.

      You have a working mic.

      You're active online, we don’t have clan practices but we are happy to help make players better at the games we play but when where all online we like to team up and either do private matches or go online to face others or do the clan operations (MW3).


      To join please visit http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org.