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    PS3 3'volution Clan [3'vo] 18+

      3'volution clan is currently recruiting. In the last year we opened up the clan to all adults regardless of location


      We currently have memebers from






      South Africa


      Are you bored with strict rules, Trials and K/D ratios?

      Are you too old to be saying "recruit checking in?" or having a chain of comand just to speak?

      Do you want to play when you want to play, and not have to report an absence

      Do you want to have a laugh and join a community of releaxed gamers?

      Do you play Hardcore and Struggle to find like minded players?


      Well come and join 3'volution, we are all relaxed gamers who enjoy having a laugh as much as much as we like gaming. We are all getting ready for Blackops 2, so most people are dusting off MW3 again and the team is back together.


      We only have  few rules

      You speak English

      Be over 18

      You use team Speak not in game chat (It avoids the kids screaming)

      and most importantly have Fun,


      If you fancy coming to have a game with us, then please go to www.3volutionclan.co.uk, sign up & get on Teamspeak


      We will take any player regardless of ability, after playing as part of a team for a while you will be better than most...



      P.S. For anyone with still trying to level up we are level 30 and we have unused double XP