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    The end of the road :(

      I bought an xbox yesterday online, just so that I can walk around Nuketown 2025 and see what it looks like I`ll post you guys a video tommorrow


      In all seriousness, Nintendo forced me into this decision, I may regret it, but theyve lost £600 of pre ordered console/games, plus god knows how much in the future id have spent > and I bet im not the only 1


      Im gona get my ars3 handed too me for the next 3 months whilst I learn analogs, but im gona enjoy every minute of it, and the way the company treats people is just bang out of order. Their disdain at online gaming is another reason for my swerve, AND THE LACK OF INFORMATION! We`ve all been treated badly by Nintendo for a good few years now regarding COD, and the future doesnt look as bright as maybe it once did regarding the wiiU. Even this forum has gone from maybe 200 regular posters during BO ,to the pitiful number it dropped too on MW3 of about 14 regular posters, to the current number of about 5 guys who post on the BO2 forum.


      Im going to use the 360 as a warm up for the 720. The price of a 250gig xbox, and 4 brand new current top games was 2/3 the price of a wiiU with NO games a 32gig memory!


      Its been a blast guys over the last 3 years, I mean that, the RS was epic, best gaming days of my 36 years on this planet, and I wish all of you I had the priveledge to play with, all the very best with the wiiu , I hope its everything you wish for






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          1. Re: The end of the road :(

          I call bs on this....


          but if it's not, pm me your gamertag.  I am probably going to get blops ii for the xbox on tuesday....

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            2. Re: The end of the road :(

            To be fair I don't think anyone will miss your negative posts! And you made this decision over 1 map that may or may not come to wii u???? Really I mean really. Well the amount of whining you do on here you are suited to Xbox community!!


            Cod is the only game you play? Fair enough but the wii u is more then just one game for me and as a parent I think you will miss the option to play on the second screen when the family want use of the main tv.


            Enjoy your twiddling of knobs with the kids on Xbox! I wonder how long it will take you to come back when your realise motion controls and the wii community is the best place to be.

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              3. Re: The end of the road :(

              Welcome to the dark side


              Oh and a good way to learn analogs is to play combat training and zombies. It's not the same as a real match, but you'll get used to the feeling of the controller and the sticks, without ruining your stats.


              And does this mean we won't get to see beastblood posts/threads anymore?

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                4. Re: The end of the road :(

                Cheers bro, thats the plan

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                  5. Re: The end of the road :(


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                    6. Re: The end of the road :(

                    I never intended on using the gamepad, I just wanted to play the game you get on xbox but with a wiimote and I thought thats what the wiiU would bring us - sadly not. Its NOT about the map, its a build of stuff, and not getting the map was the final straw. Not getting the map also means lots of other things aswell, like are you guaranteed dlc, support, etc etc - the more and more I read the less im enthused about Nintendos seriousness towards online gaming, and more importantly 3rd party games.


                    Regarding my negative posts, I was never negative in the early days,and ive been around 3 years, I was more of a happy go lucky joker. Nintendo have finished me off


                    Regarding me being a parent, I have a gameroom (kind of), where I game on my own, or at worst the wifes on the laptop behind me. All I wanted was the proper game with a wiimote.


                    If I really reaaaaaaaly suck with analogs, which I fear I might, I just wont play multiplayer. People keep telling me I need to give it time, so thats what im going to do.

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                      7. Re: The end of the road :(

                      Im not in the financial position to come back - this is make or break for me regarding gaming

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                        8. Re: The end of the road :(

                        We just don't know what the wii u is getting at launch as its all about Xbox! There is no reason why we won't get the stuff Xbox has as wii u is vastly more powerful console! Ok so at launch we don't get elite and YouTube streaming? Not gonna miss any of that but they have said it and dlc will come I the future.


                        Even the game box states add on content is included so this is either patching or extra content if you really want to pay £50 for extra maps??


                        I don't know why you have not held out until the 18th at least she. The game is released in the USA?


                        Well it's your decision I just think to many people are making decisions on this a bit too early. It s easy for me I guess as I like cod but believe me there will be much better games out there then cod and game companies who treat their customers better then activision.


                        They sold out to Ms so all other consoles are treated with contempt.


                        Ill be enjoying the great games coming to wii u whilst you will be playing on an old machine that requires you to pay to play on line holding of hope that the next Xbox is going to set the world alight.


                        I hate everything about Microsoft to be fair just due to the fact where ever I look there's another Xbox advert! If I was you I would have gone ps3

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                          9. Re: The end of the road :(

                          Amazon is going to start hating you...

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