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    C/D: Submachine guns are king.

      I feel like the assault rifles have finally been dethroned. SMGs are infinitely better in this game.

      Rifles still good of course, but they really can't compete with the MP7, Vector, Skorpion, etc


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          Wasn't it the same in Modern Warfare 3?


          I feel as though the maps on both Black ops 2 and MW3 are too small, Therefore assult rifles being demolished every time, Where as MW2 and Black ops had both small and large maps.

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              Really I feel like in MW3 you could've gone both ways. In some maps SMGs benefitted you more and in some maps ARs more, but they were more or less usable anywhere.


              And that's something I miss about the older CODs, too. In COD4 you had large maps like Bloc where assault rifles were king. Long range combat was prominent, but some close quarters combat occured as well. Maps like Bloc, Overgrown, Pipeline on COD4. Roundhouse, Wasteland, Seelow on COD5, Favela, Derail, Afghan, Estate on MW2, etc.

              I'm not sure if it's just because this game is new and I'm still not very familiar with the maps, but it's just about 90% CQB, except for possibly Carrier.

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              Actually, I would still say AR's are still better. They gave fairly good damage with very low recoil. The SMG's in this game are what they are in real life. Spray and pray, high recoil, light weapons.


              If that kind of thing is your thing than great. But IMO Assault Rifles are still better.



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                I haven't got the game yet so I can't say too much, I'm just going by what I see on youtube, I somewhat agree with what the guy above said, Assult rifles dont have much recoil whereas Submachine guns look like they do.


                I'm guessing you guys have the game also so could I ask a question?

                How do killstreaks work? Can I use UAV, Counter UAV and Care package at the same time or is  it in packs like mw3, Assult & Support? cheers.

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                  Black Ops the AK74u was the kind, MW3 it was the PP90 and MP7


                  I'd say SMGs have dominated CoD for the past couple years. It's sad how misrepresented they are in the games further proving that CoD is all about the run and gun

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                      All about the run and gun? LOL every single COD game eventually degrades into corner campers hiding with silenced SMGs. MW3 basically killed the run in gun, especially with the lag comp. If you run in gun in any game mode that isn't kill confirmed you will basically get slaughtered. Run and Gun hasn't been a viable playstyle since MW2.

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                        Just going to put it out there try new gun combos. Try new routes on maps. You will find out the SMG will be the worst in the game if you just try new routes....At least when you use an assault rifle. EX, On Nuketown head to the windows in the houses or the jeep on the edge or the car in the middle on the right. SMGs suck in those areas.

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                        All of the gun categories are very equal in this game. The Smgs will have low ammo and a high rate of fire so people won't get a ton of kills and therefor having to pick up a terrible gun. Even if they have scavenger the SMGs will still lose a long distance fight. I have never complained about any type of gun. Just think, SMGs are great in CQC and are terrible at long range. To counter, go in the outside or open area of the map with an assault rifle or Sniper and pick off the SMG people. With an SMG to counter against an assault rifle, take the outside of the map and go into buildings often. Stay in the buildings and outside edges of the map and sneak up on the people using an assault rifle at long range. Also, equip the new overkill wildcard with a sniper or assault riflle in case you get caught up in a long distance battle. With a sniper, stay behind friendlies and find a nice spot to see down a long stretch of land. Also, hit the high ground with snipers. It is easier to see up ontop of a building or patch of grass. With the LMG, anything goes. The LMG could spray but it is best used to prefire around a corner and to cut off medium ranged battles. The ammo capacity is huge so spray and pray. So don't complain about how the enemies are all using SMGs, just counter it with your own weapon and playing field.

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                          Assault Rifles are still better. There are a lot of maps that have really long lines of sight.


                          If you can avoid those, in favor of the more CQ so that SMGs can do work, then great.


                          But if you are playing objective game modes like Hardpoint, then it'll be almost impossible to avoid those long-range gun battles.


                          SMGs are great up close, but they struggle at distance (which is the way they should be). As a result, my guess is that this willstill be an AR heavy game.


                          The recoil with the ARs is so little comparedt o the SMGs as well - mostly all the ARs have VERY manageable recoil, so as a result, I think most people will take to the ARs instead of the SMGs.

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                            I don't really think so. Apparently 'Rapid Fire' has a new effect where it decreases the range of the weapon as well as increasing the weapons fire rate (and recoil as a consequence of the fire rate). The SMG's also already have some really low range. The biggest change that I can see is the big decrease in damage at range. All SMG's are now 6 hit kills at range and most are supposedly a 4 hit kill (except for 2 I believe).

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                              When I played the weapons fit their roles. I would normally lose to an SMG user if they got in close while I had an Assault/Battle Rifle. I could out perform someone mid-range quite easily though.

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                                AR's should overall suck. outprefformed by every gun class in that classes spacific ability. but AR's would come with one MAJOR advanatige, its ALL PURPOSE. so you cna also outprefform every other gun if you exploit the other weapons weaknesses.


                                SMG's should be good at close range with a mid and long range capability.


                                shotties should **** anything at close range, including SMG. shotties would lose when you are out of it range.


                                LMG's buff AR's that give up several features like movement speed and ADS time.


                                snipers should be self explanitory =/.


                                if the above is overall kept up then im fine. sorda doubtful but i hope. if SMG's end up overused ill probly use a AR or shottie depending on the level and **** them.

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                                  I feel like the assault rifles have finally been dethroned.

                                  Just wait till I get in there!


                                  SMGs are infinitely better in this game.

                                  You sound fearful!


                                  but they really can't compete with the MP7, Vector, Skorpion, etc


                                  What your telling us they dont and than you want a confirm / deny?