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    Is anyone else having problems with lag right now?


      It goes from saying I have a perfect connection to a one bar connection within a span of like 3 seconds. It started last night when I tried to play. It had been fine all day and then all of a sudden major lag. I stopped playing until this afternoon and still, lag. Seven hours later when I tried again it told me the MW3 servers were down. I waited a few minutes and it let me join a game but still really bad lag. I hardly ever rage quit because it ***** up my stats but it was so unplayable I had to quit the game.


      I've heard of lag compensation but I'm not totally convinced that that's the problem. So I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem. Or if not, if there's anything I can do to fix it.

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          same here when i tried to log in tonight i got the mw3 servers down message twice before it finally let me in. only have so much lag it was just unplayable, my fix looks like forza tonight .

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            Yeah, same lag problems here. It's impossible to play. I would rather them fix the lagginess in celebration of Black Ops 2 than give double xp. Seriously. What's up? Did they dev's take early Thanksgiving vacation?

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              Yeah I experienced the servers down message after waiting a while but then I just try again and I'm in. :/

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                  I have had nothing BUT problems with this stupid system. Even their website is a damned joke.


                  Can't upload vids/not showing in vault after being told it was successful.


                  Can't get support for issues that are in dire need of a damned fix.


                  Issues like being teamed up with people from the oposite side of the world (Ok, maybe not an issue in that sense but I wish they'd for once just keep the damned search by region option). However, i would like to decide who i want to play with. Being teamed up with someone that has a shitty connection as well as living on the oposite side of the world is, and has always been a no-no in online gaming. Keeping the continents/regions seperated is way better. Just 4 minutes ago i got teamed up with some people from Japan and Dubai.... Guess who also got selected as a host. The guy from Dubai!


                  There are also stuff like the server disconnecting when the host turns off the xbox/hits the xbox button and quit to home, making you lose all progress.. I really hope they eliminate some of these things in Black Ops II. Better yet, i hope we get friggin DEDICATED SERVERS FOR BLACK OPS II! It's a bout damned time we got some dedicated servers.


                  Oh and did i mention their stupid website that likes to unlink my friggin gamertag and mess up my stats?


                  They need to hire more competent people, seriously.

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                  Whew!  I'm glad it's not just me.  I thought for sure that something must be wrong with my connection because that's exactly what has been happening to me for the last 3 days but it was especially bad on the 9th.  4 bar to 1 bar so I can't move and generally followed by someone popping a corner to kill me.  I started to think that maybe it was a hack but it kept happening in every lobby I joined.  If it's happening to others as well then I can only guess that it's the MW3 servers that are the problem.  I got disconnected from the MW3 server as well but never lost my PSN connection.  They may be setting up changes to the servers to make way for BO2.

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                      Whatever they're doing, it better be something good.


                      I'm just trying to play MW3 untill Black Ops II releases. But if they're keeping the same lousy system for Black Ops II then they're better off not releasing the game, period.


                      I'll keep my hopes up though that one of the things they'll keep from Black Ops I is the search by region feature. Else it's pointless, since the latency will make too much of a difference for the majority of gamers playing from the oposite side of the world from one and other.


                      This is one thing these developers really NEED to take into consideration when making games for a console, be it PS3 or the Xbox 360. Player 1 from Norway vs Player 2 from the US = Bad matchup. Lag is inevitable. If the player from the US is the host and the rest are from the EU, then the lag will ruin the entire game. Plain and simple. There's no point arguing with "Oh get a better connection bla bla bla yada yada etc etc" cause a better connection from the rest won't make the lag any less since it depends on the host's connection, which FYI means the host's UPLOAD SPEED.. Just, in before the "know-it-alls" appear.


                      Been disconnected all day now cause of a "Lost connection to the host" or, MW3 servers are down. I actually checked though, the last time and the status page said they're all fully operational (Wonder what fully operational means to those guys lol)..

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                      iv had this problem the last month an half why i quit mw3

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                        The lag in this game makes it unplayable! F*ck BO2, you know the lag in that game is going to be worse. It fits the pattern.




                        MW2=Come on!


                        MW3=This is BULLSH*T!

                        BLOPS2=I'm going to break MY F*CKING XBOX!

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                            The reason for the lag is because they're getting more and more lazy for each game they release.


                            They even charged money for the ELITE service and the website is still bugged/Not working properly half the time on XBL.


                            I fear that Black Ops II may very well be the final nail in the coffin for this franchise if they keep up this lazy attitude towards their customers...


                            Lag compensation is fine but it doesn't work if the distance is too far between one or two players (or more).


                            What would really fix this is dedicated servers and a search by region option.